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Blockchain-based Telecom Network World Mobile Launches in East Africa

source-logo  u.today 26 May 2023 15:42, UTC

World Mobile's Android application on Google Play now has a viable commercial version available to all inhabitants of Zanzibar, a Tanzanian archipelago in East Africa.

World Mobile introduces its first commercial telecom network in Zanzibar

According to the press release shared with U.Today, World Mobile, an application and a telecom network that leverages blockchain-based data structures for establishing mobile connection, launches its commercial version in Zanzibar.

World Mobile launches commercial version in Zanzibar

Free mobile application for Android OS streamlines data bundle management and provides a platform for users to create a self-sovereign ID. With this identification module, users can try working with third-party services.

Together with releasing Android application and launching commercial network in Zanzibar, the platform updated its public explorer, WMTScan, which now reports the top earning AirNodes to advance the overall level of transparency in the ecosystem.

World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins highlighted the importance of this release for the telecom ecosystem in Africa as well as for the global segment of data economy:

Today marks a significant milestone for World Mobile as we proudly announce the successful commercial transition of our network in Zanzibar. We are thrilled to welcome our first paying customers and embark on a journey to connect the unconnected, empowering individuals across Africa and beyond.

In total, the platform now scores over 1,000 new users every week. Its peak daily user count eclipsed 16,000 users.

Saving 50% on mobile services costs

As blockchains are far more resource-efficient technical platforms for data logistics compared to main analogues from Web2, Zanzibaris can enjoy mobile data about 50% cheaper than the national average.

The experiments with World Mobile are of paramount importance to the entire region of East Africa, and Tanzania in particular, as the country's level of internet penetration barely exceeds 40%.

Mostly, users of the internet are concentrated in urban ares. World Mobile's commercial launch paves the way for a more democratic and inclusive ecosystem of telecom services.