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IoTeX Partners with Alchemy Pay to Revolutionize Blockchain Payments and Remittance Solutions

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 23 May 2023 19:31, UTC

A substantially scalable, secure, and rapid blockchain platform named IoTeX has started a partnership with the Web3-focused payment services providing platform Alchemy Pay. As included in the collaboration, the on and off-ramp payment solution of Alchemy Pay is to be launched by IoTeX in its ecosystem.

IoTeX Provides On and Off-Ramp Solutions of Alchemy Pay as a Result of Its Exclusive Collaboration

IoTeX intends to utilize the plugin of Alchemy Pay to permit the dApps and developers on its platform to matchlessly integrate the on and off-ramp operability of the payment company. This also enables consumers living around the world to conveniently buy and trade crypto with the use of their desired payment means and native fiat currencies. The collaboration also takes into account enabling the customers to straightly buy IOTX (the native currency of IoTeX) with fiat currency on the ramp page of Alchemy Pay.

Alchemy Pay noted a blog post to disclose the collaboration on Medium. In that post, it mentioned that the company’s compatibility with the payment platforms like MasterCard and Visa is spread around nearly 173 countries. Additionally, it also revealed that Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported by it. Along with this, local transactions are also supported by it in addition to mobile wallets that operate in exclusive markets.

As asserted by Alchemy Pay, the payment platform offers a consumer-friendly experience of payments. It moved on to explain that for more enhancement in convenience, the platform provides a large network of more than 300 regional payment channels. The partnership between Alchemy Pay and the remittance collaborators additionally enables an unparalleled transition between crypto and fiat currency.

Partnership Focuses on Driving Advancement in the Decentralized Finance

This offers remittance abilities to bank accounts operating within more than fifty fiat currencies. IoTeX is known as a flexible platform for Web3 infrastructure. It links real-world data and intelligent devices to blockchains. While doing this, it has a vision of strengthening the people to own their devices, identity, and data in a connected sector.

By taking benefit from blockchain technology, IoTeX reveals the potential of the data and smart devices. This will also enable the development of digital assets and decentralized applications (dApps). The company takes real-world data to the world of blockchain to let customers generate digital assets in line with their real-world data and actions.