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Neftify announces support for Optimism

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 09 May 2023 12:19, UTC

Neftify has extended the support to Optimism, allowing users to build and deploy their decentralized applications faster than before. Neftify is a blockchain RPC provider, and the venture coming out in support of the Ethereum L2 solution takes things to another level where deployment is much faster, cost-efficient, and scalable.

The development comes to light to address the issues that the project faces on Ethereum. These are network congestion, high transaction fees, and scalability. Needless to say, all these factors together affect the adoption of dApps in the community.

Optimism has been able to craft its way to circumvent these issues. The L2 solution bundles all the transactions into a single rollup and then executes them on the network.

The partnership between Neftify and Optimism gives the community of Neftify a chance to implement Optimism from the global API. This gives them access to the network infrastructure, thereby improving performance, enhancing scalability, and bridging the adaptability gap by making it more affordable.

Neftify has committed to sticking to its ground in terms of quality. However, it has announced to maintain the same level of API access that the community has been getting till now, or they expect. Making Neftify an interesting partner is the set of support that it is willing to offer to the community.

According to the announcement by Neftify, it will ensure that the developers are thoroughly supported with resources, documentation, and support channels. The ultimate goal is to make it a seamless experience for developers to integrate the projects.

The infrastructure of Neftify is customized to meet the requirements of the developers, no matter how unique they are. It basically has been centered around the idea that the community is able to leverage the potential of Optimism to its best efficiency with minimal effort.

Support from Neftify to Optimism reflects positively on its mission of being the go-to provider for those who are exploring ways to construct blockchain applications for the next generation.

Founded in 2021, Neftify has been architected to deal with the problem of tools and complexity while building blockchain-based applications. The team, therefore, has been focusing on offering infrastructure that is all set to be deployed without having to build one.

Users from across the world can access the services of Neftify, for its nodes are built with efficiency to address the needs and allow them to scale the projects. Neftify provides developers and software engineers with institutional-grade infrastructure. This helps them with maintenance and setup work.

Optimism enhances the performance and scalability factor by deploying Optimistic Rollups. Moreover, it leverages the potential of the technology to remain cost-efficient on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain technology is entering the mainstream, and so are the issues that come with it. Gas fees and congestion are just a few of the issues; others could include slow transaction throughput. This is likely to affect the adoption and hence, the growth of dApps that are built on the Ethereum network.

Neftify supporting Optimism is a positive way forward to ensure that the adoption of dApps remains steady at the moment and grows in the future.