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Planet IX incorporates Chainlink Automation on Polygon mainnet

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 07 March 2023 09:10, UTC

Planet IX is happy to announce the official launch of Chainlink Automation on the Polygon mainnet. For the uninitiated, Planet IX is a strategy and trading game built on the blockchain. In this scenario, they will now employ Chainlink Automation in order to execute batch randomness requests provided to Chainlink VRF in a secure and cost-effective manner. This will inadvertently reduce the costs associated with the construction of Planet IX NFTs.

The entity is a part of the Chainlink Build program. In the past, Chainlink VRF has been known to have been used to randomly select IXT CAT RAFF winners. Also, it has implemented Chainlink Automation to automate weekly draws. Currently, they are advancing the incorporation of automation to enable more accurate costing and the use of automation in batch requests for diverse random numbers.

Planet IX is a non-financial-transaction-focused strategy game that exposes players to a new level of gaming. This is achieved through the use of NFTs and real digital ownership. It claims to have more than 225,000 wallets linked to it and a particularly close-knit community.

Chainlink Automation is a decentralized service purpose-built for the control of tasks regarding smart contracts. The entity utilizes decentralized, highly dependable, and cost-effectively incentivized automation nodes to activate smart contracts for carrying out specific on-chain activities that happen on a day-to-day basis. The entity’s extremely beneficial features are that it is very reliable and its framework assists in cost savings. It has been created to be able to quicken the process of upgrading. It is also able to scan for new use cases. According to the CEO of Planet IX, Karl Blomsterwall, with the help of Chainlink Automation, they can implement services more safely and dependably.

So far as Chainlink is concerned, it is the benchmark Web3 services platform responsible for felicitating a great deal of money in terms of transaction volume throughout DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and with various other industries. It provides the opportunity for developers to be able to create new-age Web3 applications that have easy connectivity with real-time data and off-chain computation. It also opens the doors for world organizations to connect with all blockchains.

Planet IX happens to be an NFT-oriented strategy game. Its purpose is the rebuilding of a destroyed planet back to its original self. The concept behind the game deals with human activity alongside nature. The map of the game contains 1.6 billion PIX, with all of them being separate NFTs that a gamer is able to gather. They can be obtained with the usage of ERC-20 utility tokens, known as IX Token (IXT).

The game is well-connected today and has over 550,000 gamers on board, with sales of NFTs crossing the $400 million mark. As the game moves forward, gamers are able to mark out areas, create fresh technologies, and battle with other connected gamers. Every aspect that is gathered comes with actual ownership, aiming to gather assets, utilize them, and create a better world.