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ConsenSys acquires HAL for enhanced blockchain data automation on Infura

source-logo  crypto.news 22 February 2023 07:56, UTC

ConsenSys has announced the acquisition of HAL, a no-code Web3 development tooling platform for enhanced blockchain data queries and automation. The addition of HAL will extend ConsenSys’ Infura capabilities.

ConsenSys acquires HAL

ConsenSys, a leading ethereum software development company, has announced the acquisition of HAL, a no-code blockchain data listening and automation system that features automated workflow tools for real-time notifications related to digital assets trading, decentralized governance, and more, across email, Discord, Telegram, and other channels.

Per a press release by ConsenSys, the acquisition of HAL will see the ten employees of the latter join its workforce and use their experience in low-code/no-code blockchain solutions development to strengthen the Infura product suite while also offering Metamask users better experiences.

The team expects HAL to bring improved and unique technical expertise for designing and implementing effective blockchain automation and notification systems.

Eleazar Galano, co-founder of Infura commented:

“Offering developers a seamless end-to-end experience is a key goal. One of the most important trends is low code/ no code solutions. Hal is a great fit for Infura, as it gives users access to over 40 higher level APIs for blockchain/ on-chain listening and signals.”

Despite slashing its workforce significantly due to the crypto winter, ConsenSys has clarified that it will continue to seek strong acquisition opposition and is currently eyeing projects in wallet security, account abstraction, layer-2 scalability, and other sectors of Web3.

ConsenSys contributing its bit to ethereum development

Ethereum (ETH) has continued to maintain its place as the world’s largest altcoin, thanks to the dedication of its development teams and the contribution of companies like Joe Lubin’s ConsenSys through the creation of robust Ethereum-powered solutions like Infura, which allows developers to seamlessly connect to the blockchain.

In a Twitter thread on Feb. 21, ConsenSys urged the public to participate in the KZG ceremony, an essential key to the next phase in Ethereum’s roadmap, proto-danksharding (EIP-4844), which is expected to reduce gas fees by increasing the amount of data carried by each block on the blockchain.

🔮 @ethereum is becoming more scalable & accessible, and we want YOU to help! 🫵

We want you to contribute to the KZG summoning ceremony!

Not sure what that means? Read on!🧵

— ConsenSys (@ConsenSys) February 21, 2023

Last month, ConsenSys announced the go-live of the highly anticipated zkEVM beta testing, which aims to further scale the ethereum network without sacrificing network security.

At the time of filing this report, the price of ethereum (ETH) is hovering around $1,632, with a market cap of $199.72 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.