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Astar Network and Sony Network Communications Launch a Collaborative Web3 Incubation Program

source-logo  thenewscrypto.com  + 5 more 17 February 2023 02:14, UTC

A Web3 Incubation Program will be co-hosted by Sony Network Communications, Inc., an operational firm of the Sony Group, and Astar Network, the multichain smart contract platform. Together, Sony Network Communications and Astar Network will support Web3 initiatives that highlight the practical applications of NFTs and DAOs.

From mid-March through mid-June, there will be the Web3 Incubation Program supported by Sony Network Communications and Astar. Applications for the programme will be taken starting on February 17. Ten to fifteen cohorts will be chosen after consideration by both Sony Network Communications and Astar Foundation. The incubation programme will be coordinated by Sony and Astar in conjunction with Startale Labs, a Singapore-based firm founded by Astar Network CEO Sota Watanabe.

Sony Network Communications is exploring the potential benefits of blockchain technology for resolving issues in their sector. They may easily locate the essential Web3 solutions thanks to this incubator programme with Astar Network.

Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startale Labs and Astar Network, said, “We are pleased to launch the Web3 incubation program with Sony Network Communications, one of the Sony Group’s companies, which has been involved in the NFT sector and other Web3 initiatives within the Group. We hope to share the knowledge and resources of both companies to provide value to the participants selected for the program and create new use cases and projects.”

Based on its experience in developing multi-chain protocols, Startale Labs creates infrastructure, dApps, and offers business consultancy services. Moreover, it serves as the entry point for large businesses to integrate with Astar Network. Startale will utilize Astar’s development, past consulting, and R&D business acumen to give business strategy and technical assistance to collaborating projects.

The goal of Sony Network Communications is still to assist new businesses that make use of the Sony Group’s telecommunications operations and resources. They established a regional office in Singapore to carry out contractual development and consulting work for NFT products.

No matter where in the Web3 startup process they are, the programme welcomes participants from all around the globe. It will include seminars on business and technology strategy as well as educational sessions with Web3 startups, and international VC firms like Dragonfly, Fenbushi Capital, and Alchemy Ventures. During Japan Blockchain Week in mid-June, an offline demo day will be hosted at the Sony Group headquarters in Tokyo.

The Web3 projects taking part will gain from:

  • Direct communication and input from top Web3 businesses like Web3 Foundation and Alchemy, as well as free access to educational seminars.
  • Resources from Sony Network Communications and Astar, as well as technical help and financial backing. Sony Network Communications will take into account investing in promising businesses.
  • Sony Network Communications will be supporting the Astar team’s product development and hosting a Demo Day.

Those who are interested in the programme should apply here.

The most well-liked parachain of Polkadot has benefited from the success of Astar Network’s “Asia Strategy.” With the introduction of its mainnet in January 2022, it has partnered with three of the biggest companies in Japan, including NTT Docomo, Sony, and Toyota.


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