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Trust Wallet integrates with THORChain to support cross-chain swaps

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 15 December 2022 12:30, UTC

Trust Wallet was thrilled to announce its integration with THORChain, enabling in-app cross-chain swaps with zero service charges. Users can enjoy cross-chain swaps with ETH, BTC, BUSD Bep 2, and BNB Bep 2 right into the Trust Wallet mobile app. However, this feature is only available on Android devices, whereas information about iOS support awaits to come soon. One can perform different types of swaps in the Trust Wallet App: CrossSwaps, 1inch swaps, and THORChain swaps.

Furthermore, with this new THORChain integration, users would not need fiat onramps or go through complicated cross-chain swap procedures to complete a swap across various blockchains. The most important part is Trust Wallet doesn’t charge any service fee for cross-chain swaps. As per the current scenario, people require multiple tokens/coins to interact with the web3 world. As per the Trust Wallet review, this open-sourced, mobile crypto wallet is one of the best crypto wallets supporting over 160k digital assets and blockchains and allowing traders to stake their crypto coins.

This integration has solved the major problem of the user by allowing more flexibility and accessibility to swap cryptocurrencies without relying on fiat onramps which require KYC. Also, the user can end up paying more fees. Users are benefited from this integration as they do not have to pass through the action of bridging assets before swapping, as it was considered a bit risky and insecure.

As a result, users are prevented from learning a complex and stressful cross-chain swap procedure. This new add-on allows users to swap their assets seamlessly in their Trust Wallet app.

Trust Wallet and THORChain share similar values of providing transparency and security to all their users. Their common aim consists of security as the priority, self-custody to each user to have complete control of their funds, and transparency of the user funds that are visible and accessible on-chain round the clock. Moreover, the wallet core library of the Trust Wallet and the complete codebase of the THORChain are openly sourced and publicly available.