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dappOS Protocol Enters Binance Labs Incubation Program

source-logo  coincodex.com  + 1 more 04 December 2022 13:54, UTC

The dappOS protocol – the first Web3 operating solution, has announced that it has been successfully selected to enroll in the highly competitive Binance Labs Incubation program. The selection process foresaw the participation of over 900 protocols, each vying for one of the 12 places available in the fifth season of Binance’s initiative aimed at progressing the development of blockchain space.

The dappOS protocol was selected to join the Binance Labs Incubation Program based on its unique mission and technical merits that allow it to become the first solution in blockchain space to make Web3 available to users from Web2. The solution provided by dappOS allows the seamless transition of Web2 use cases into Web3 across different chains with a unified user experience. The development team behind dappOS is confident that such a level of simplification is vital for achieving widespread adoption of Web3.

Binance Labs Incubation Program

The biannual program from Binance is designed to take selected projects across an 8-week curriculum that foresees the development of resource management skills, communication within a broad network of market leaders, and many other skills vital for ensuring successful project traction. The market-leading positions that Binance wields secure dappOS a straightforward approach for integrating Web3 accounts into the browsing experience of Web2 users. Such an approach essentially creates a unified account for all Internet browsing needs.

The dappOS protocol is aimed at creating a Web3 universe that serves millions of users by making dApps available on mobile devices without the need for extensive software modifications or heavy traffic requirements. As the first Web3 unified operating protocol, it builds a layer between users and crypto infrastructures like public blockchains and cross-chain bridges, allowing users to simply interact with dappOS to complete verification and execution in the decentralized world.

More than 50 projects

The inclusion of the dappOS protocol into the Binance Labs Incubation Program is a major step for the project, considering the fact that Binance Labs has invested in more than 200 projects from 25 countries since the start of the initiative in 2018. More than 50 projects were incubated in the program, including Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, Dune Analytics, and many others.

The development team at dappOS protocol is confident that its participation in the program will yield significant results and help boost the project’s development on a qualitative level to better serve target audiences and make Web3 accessible to everyone.


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