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Tom N Toms Coffee incorporating Chainlink price feeds

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 29 November 2022 11:10, UTC

Tom N Toms is ecstatic and takes great delight in officially announcing its choice to include Chainlink Price Feeds on the Polygon mainnet. For those who are unaware, Tom N Toms is a network of coffee shops that are based in South Korea and operate there. They also have a whopping 400 branches under their roof, which are dispersed throughout 9 countries. However, this inclusion will take place in its NFT marketplace, HEYST.

According to reputable sources within their corporation, by developing a merger with the very top-of-the-line decentralized oracle network, the entity will be able to efficiently link with new-age, and foolproof price feeds. This, in turn, is their immediate need in order to put them in a position to accurately and correctly calculate prices in HEYST. Inadvertently, however, all of this will prove extremely beneficial in terms of convincing all of their users that the prices they would be facing would be based on the utilization of high-end price data.

According to the CEO of Tom N Toms, Sunchul Myoung, their expert viewpoint and understanding was that to be able to create effective blockchain-based applications, which should also possess real-time case scenarios, it was absolutely imperative to enable smart contracts to be connected to external sources of data.

Therefore, in his opinion, the services provided by Chainlink have everything to do with the basic characteristics, such as dependability, being completely safe and secure, and being very user-friendly, all of which are linked to the Web3 arena. The standout feature of all of this is that Chainlink provides a tried-and-true solution for price data, allowing them to calculate pricing accurately in their own marketplace.