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Hyperledger announced new members at commencement of global forum

source-logo  cointelegraph.com 13 September 2022 16:55, UTC

Hyperledger Foundation, a global open source collaboration of enterprise blockchain technologies, has commenced its largest annual event, the Hyperledger Global Forum 2022. 

Ahead the event on Monday, the Foundation announced the addition of eight newest members to its international community, namely: CasperLabs, Realto Group, BCW Group, Banque de France, Central Bank of Nigeria, Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada, International Association For Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) and DSR Corporation.

Daniel Barbosa, Executive Director at Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager of Blockchain, Healthcare, and Identity at the Linux Foundation, shared that: “Hyperledger technologies are playing an outsized role in reshaping existing markets and creating new ones. Our newest members are bringing a diversity of innovation into the Hyperledger community, accelerating the development of open, decentralized technologies that will be the infrastructure for many generations of new services and applications.”

Hyperledger Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring together vital resources and infrastructure to create a thriving and stable ecosystem around open-source software blockchain projects. Hyperledger allows member organizations to tap into their open source distributed ledger frameworks, tools, and resources to create enterprise-grade, industry-specific applications, platforms, and hardware systems to support business transaction needs.

The Foundation’s enterprise-grade blockchain software projects are designed and built by a developer community for service providers, start-ups, vendors, end-user organizations, academics, and commercial solutions.

The newest members of Hyperledger’s Foundation such as Banque de France, and the Central Bank of Nigeria, seems to suggest that governments all over the world are slowly opening up to Blockchain technology and its innovations.

Just recently, Nigeria announced it was in early-stage talks with Binance to create a crypto-friendly economic zone within the country.