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Myria’s Game-Focused Blockchain Platform Goes Live

source-logo  cryptodaily.co.uk 30 August 2022 13:06, UTC

Image source: Myria

The gaming-focused Ethereum scaling solution Myria has announced the official launch of its layer-2 network today, providing instantaneous and extremely secure transactions with minimal gas fees, blockchain games and NFTs. 

With its official launch, Myria has announced a range of products for developers and gamers like, including the Myria Developer SDK, a Myria wallet, Myria NFT marketplace and more. With these, it says both developers and gamers alike can tap into the advanced scalability its protocol provides. 

Myria has been under development for some time and its launch has been eagerly awaited. Its Ethereum-based Layer-2 network has been built specifically to enable blockchain games to scale. Within Myria’s ecosystem there will be a wide variety of games to play that are powered by the blockchain. The Myriaverse, as it’s called, will provide players with a place to create their own virtual homes, engage socially with other gamers, complete quests and more. 

Myria L2 is now LIVE. 🚀

We are here to solve the scalability issues of Ethereum, with 0 gas fees & lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Head to https://t.co/ytMB5OwSr5 to create your Myria wallet & enjoy a cost-free and seamless minting and trading experience! pic.twitter.com/S5NRnjfCJN

— Myria (@Myria) August 26, 2022

The really big deal though is this: Myria’s games are all intended to be “AAA blockchain games” that focus first and foremost on playability rather than profiteering. Different from most other blockchain games that are based on the concept of “play-to-earn”, Myria’s games will be all about the graphics and the gameplay. To that end, all of the games in its ecosystem will be free-to-play, as opposed to other crypto games that require a big investment in an NFT first. Instead, with Myria-based games, the NFTs have to be unlocked through gameplay before the crypto benefits become accessible. 

Once NFTs are unlocked, the full spectrum of Myria’s offerings will become apparent with its crypto wallet, NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange. 

Some of the early titles on Myria include Metarush, which is a multiplayer obstacle course game where players must race to finish the course first; Block Royale, a battle royale game in a similar mold to Fortnite, where players fight to the death in an effort to be the last man (or woman) standing; and Metakart, a go-kart style racing game that bears similarities to the legendary Mario Kart game. 

Other titles to look forward to include Moonville Farms, a play-and-earn game developed by Leapblock Studios; and Mr 360 Cricket, a play–and-earn mobile cricket game that was designed in partnership with the South African cricket legend AB de Villiers. 

One of the main challenges Myria has set out to fix is the problem of slow and expensive transactions, which hinder the adoption of Ethereum-based blockchain games. To get around this, Myria offloads transactions onto a secondary chain, where it uses zero-knowledge rollups, a technique that bundles multiple transactions into just one. Through this, it can ramp up Ethereum transaction speeds from less than 50 a second to an astonishing 9,000 transactions per second. 

Another problem Myria aims to solve is complexity. Most existing blockchain games require a fair bit of knowledge about how blockchain, crypto and NFTs work. That’s not the case with Myria, as wallets can be set up in a single click, while NFTs can be minted, traded and transferred easily with no transaction fees. 

Simplification is the name of the game on the developer side too. Myria eases game development with an API-first approach, allowing creators to focus on building highly playable games, without worrying about the mechanics of how the blockchain and NFTs work. It’s an approach that has proven popular so far, with Myria playing host to more than 100 new gaming projects even before its launch. Moreover, over 1.2 million users have registered to play its games. 

Myria co-founder Brendan Duhamel said the project was incredibly fortunate to have such strong community backing already. He also spoke of his excitement at bringing the blockchain gaming industry another step forward. 

“We see massive potential in the underlying technology we have built to support NFT scalability and we believe blockchain gaming will be the next big vertical for NFTs,” Duhamel said. “This is why we have created NFT solutions purpose-built to serve game developers and game builders. We’re just getting started!” 

Games developers who’re interested in building on Myria’s platform are encouraged to get in touch through email, while those who simply want to play games can find out more through its official Discord and Twitter channels. 

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