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Anthony Pompliano Reveals His Bitcoin Strategy During The Price Drawdown

source-logo  cryptogazette.com 23 June 2021 16:48, UTC

As you can see for yourselves Bitcoin’s price is currently tumbling, making a lot of investors freak out. Anthony Pompliano, on the other hand, is dropping some pretty important advice on social media.

Check out how his thread begins.

Bitcoin is under $30,000.

Here is a quick thread to document what I’m thinking right now and what my strategy is during these price drawdowns.


β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) June 22, 2021

He continues the thread and says the following:

2/ My strategy with bitcoin over the last few years is simple β€” accumulate as much bitcoin as I can.

The word accumulate is important. That is an action you do with no intention of selling for profit later.

β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) June 22, 2021

He also said:

4/ The dollar cost average strategy relies on the idea that β€œtime in the market is more important than timing the market.”

This has historically been true in bitcoin. The asset has an annual compound growth rate of over 100% throughout the last decade.

β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) June 22, 2021

We suggest that you check out the complete thread in order to see everything that he had to say about the issue.

11/11 So here is what I’m thinking and doing right now:

– Strong belief in bitcoin
– Long term view on asset
– Dollar cost averaging aggressively
– Not worried over short term price
– Plan to hand bitcoin to my grandchildren

Could I be wrong? Sure. I’m not betting on it though.

β€” Pomp πŸŒͺ (@APompliano) June 22, 2021

PlanB is also extremely optimistic about the price of BTC these days.

What a difference 3 months make!

41% now thinks bitcoin will stay below $100K in 2021 (invalidating S2F model) vs 16% in March (when BTC was $55K). pic.twitter.com/S9PKR8FSnb

β€” PlanB (@100trillionUSD) June 22, 2021

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $29,433.28.