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'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Shares Success Secret Amid Bitcoin Turbulence

source-logo  u.today  + 1 more 10 July 2024 13:22, UTC

Robert Kiyosaki, prominent investor and entrepreneur, also famous for authoring a classic book on managing personal finance, has shared the secret to financial success in a recent tweet.

That success formula was based on his aforementioned book, which was published in the late 1990s. The financial guru, as many call Kiyosaki, is well known as a vocal Bitcoin proponent and holder, who often speaks positively about this digital asset with his multi-million-strong audience on X (formerly famous as Twitter).

Current Bitcoin market turbulence

Currently, Bitcoin is going through a period of turbulence, with its price going up and down after a recent serious plunge of more than 15%, when the world's flagship cryptocurrency shed approximately $1,000 of its market price as it crashed from the $64,000 level down to slightly lower than $54,000 within five days.

Bitcoin has been making attempts to recover the $59,000 price line over the past few days; however, it has so far been unable to fix there and was pushed down again. As of this writing, the largest digital asset by market capitalization value is changing hands at $58,465 after it managed to recover by 6.5% since the start of the week.

Kiyosaki's success formula

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has shared a bit of “Rich Dad’s words of wisdom” associated with his book and his company, which bears the same name and teaches customers how to manage their finances.

Kiyosaki often refers to this knowledge in his tweets, podcasts and interviews as “financial wisdom” or “financial IQ.” This time, he shared an insight about “success in life.” Kiyosaki stated that it does not depend only on what cards you have been dealt in the game of life but rather on “how well you play your cards when dealt a bad hand.”

RICH DAD’s Words of Wisdom

“Your success in life does not depend upon you…only being dealt good hands of cards.

Your success in life….depends upon how well you play your cards…when delt a bad hand.”

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) July 9, 2024

Bitcoin to $350,000 by August: Kiyosaki

Earlier this year, Robert Kiyosaki made a stunning prediction, saying that he expects Bitcoin to skyrocket as high as at least $350,000 by August of this year. The grounds for this forecast is the growing U.S. national debt, while the country’s government continues to print billions of U.S. dollars.

However, this year, the crypto community expects the Federal Reserve to start loosening the interest rates which, if happens indeed, would be bullish for Bitcoin.


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