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ETFs Reduce Bitcoin Holdings Over Three Days

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 21 June 2024 04:48, UTC

Nine Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) collectively decreased their Bitcoin holdings by 1,290 BTC, equivalent to a decrease of $83.7 million. Fidelity was the major contributor to this reduction, shedding 1,290

from its holdings. As of now, Fidelity holds 168,862 BTC, valued at approximately $10.95 billion. Notably, Blackrock and Grayscale did not update their Bitcoin holdings on this date.

Jun 20 Update:

9 ETFs decreased 1,290 $BTC(-$83.7M).#Fidelity decreased 1,290 $BTC(-$83.7M) and currently holds 168,862 $BTC($10.95B).#Blackrock and #Grayscale did not update their latest BTC holdings.https://t.co/gXIi5SUqpx pic.twitter.com/vgiPski8c6

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) June 20, 2024

June 18 and 19 Update

On June 19, the same nine ETFs reduced their Bitcoin holdings by 442 BTC, translating to a $28.7 million decrease. Grayscale specifically reduced its holdings by 56 BTC, valued at $3.6 million. This reduction leaves Grayscale with a total of 280,322 BTC, worth approximately $18.22 billion.

June 18 saw a significant reduction, with the nine ETFs collectively decreasing their Bitcoin holdings by 2,824 BTC, amounting to a loss of $182.6 million. Fidelity reduced its holdings by 1,377 BTC, which corresponds to $89.06 million, bringing its total Bitcoin holdings to 170,152 BTC, valued at $11 billion. Additionally, Grayscale decreased its holdings by 834 BTC, valued at $53.95 million, resulting in a total of 280,378 BTC, worth approximately $18.13 billion.

Over three consecutive days, nine ETFs have significantly decreased their Bitcoin holdings. Fidelity and Grayscale have been the major players in these reductions. While Fidelity’s holdings decreased substantially, Blackrock remained constant throughout the period. The reductions highlight a trend of decreased Bitcoin holdings among major ETFs.