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Australia Poised for Bitcoin ETF Boom as ASX Nears Approval

source-logo  coinengineer.io 29 April 2024 04:30, UTC

Australia is poised for another key mile stone in its financial history as one of its biggest stock exchanges, ASX, virtually has approved multiple spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Research points out the fact that these ETFs within the next three years can be able to gather anything between $3 billion to $4 billion as inflows, being a landmark moment in the nation’s cryptocurrency landscape.

And the imminent approval is rightly reinforced the US and Hong Kong regulators, who have already approved respective Bitcoin ETFs. In 2023, two applications by VanEck Australia and BetaShares, one of the local ETF fund managers, are set to receive the stamp of approval, as per insiders interviewed by Bloomberg.

The multitude of the applications for Bitcoin ETFs continues to expand in tandem with the global adoption of Bitcoin highlighted with the U.S Army, where eleven diverse ETFs have managed over $53 billion worth of assets. Justin Arzadon, the head of digital at BetaShares, was positive about Australia’s ability to embrace products. “Even though the considerable inflows into U.S.-based products have not been proof enough [to introduce the products there] , Australia has shown sufficient signs of being ready for such products”.

Experts Predict Billions in Inflows as Demand Surges for Regulated Exposure

CEO of the digital asset management, crypto currency company that is Monochrome – Mr. Jeff Yew – made similar remarks as a matter of fact. He did this by emphasizing Australia’s strong appetite for crypto investments. Yew expects that Bitcoin interest will come from fund managers who want to be in the market and also from SMSF investors, retail traders and pooled super funds managed separately by other managers. He suggested controlled exposure that should be followed immaculately geared to the fact that there is always governed risky workshop of trading in cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Through an elaborate presentation of current SMSF risks, Yew pointed to the hazards of exchange falling. “According to the Australian Taxation Office, the amount that is in the hands of various crypto exchanges is around a billion dollars, and that is the majority of this from SMSF investors,” he added. Bitcoin ETFs create an entry ticket – for an asset that is safely regulated providing an investor with an access to the digital assets.

Monochrome’s coin minted to provide Bitcoin ETF demonstrates the ability to adapt to the dynamic crypto-regulation in Australia. Shortly after taking the ASX as one of the first applicant, the company had decided to list with Cboe Australia instead mostly due to the faster approval process, transparent listing requirements, and being smaller market exchange. According to the conditions mentioned, ASX may face some troubles. Nevertheless Yew is encouraged that the approval will be conducted in few weeks by the Cboe Australia.

Now that the anticipation is building and the regulatory barriers are clearing, Australia is set to step into the league of Bitcoin ETF adopters, joining with pioneers of the global adoption of digital assets in the country’s financial architecture.