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Top Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Down Today

source-logo  coinpedia.org 18 April 2024 02:24, UTC

Bitcoin’s price has been dropping rapidly due to the increasing geopolitical conflict in the Middle East. At the same time, the U.S. economy has proven to be resilient, and this has caused an increase in bets on higher interest rates.

This has reduced the market’s risk appetite, further hurting Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Halving 2024 is just two days away, and there is much speculation about whether the BTC price will crash once again or make a sharp rebound.

Here are the top factors contributing to the current market sentiment

Assessing the Reasons Behind the Dip

The ongoing geopolitical tension is the first reason behind this dip. Recent statements regarding potential conflict between Iran and Israel have rattled markets, leading to panic selling. AshCrypto highlights the possibility of a wider conflict, causing investors to flock to safer assets and dump cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, uncertainty prevails over the monetary policy. Powell’s hawkish stance on interest rates has added to market uncertainty. With the Federal Reserve signaling a reluctance to address inflation concerns promptly, investors are adjusting their expectations, impacting Bitcoin’s price trajectory.

Thirdly, market greed and leverage is affecting Bitcoin’s price. Retail investors’ greed and excessive leverage exacerbate market volatility. Despite corrections, the funding rate remains positive, indicating lingering greed among traders. This trend suggests a need for a market reset to alleviate downward pressure.

What Next For Bitcoin Price?

Ali Martinez emphasizes the importance of the $62,000 support level for Bitcoin. He says, “A breach of this level could trigger further selling pressure, potentially leading to a shift towards the next significant demand area near $51,500.”

Conversely, Ali Matinez reclaims that the $66,250 level could signal a resurgence of bullish sentiment. A move above this threshold might rejuvenate the bull run, offering hope for a Bitcoin price recovery.

Analysts note that the market remains in a state of greed, with recent readings indicating extreme greed. This sentiment suggests that Bitcoin may need further correction to instill fear and restore balance.