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Bitcoin sentiment shifting from anticipation to optimism: IntoTheBlock

source-logo  cryptobriefing.com 12 April 2024 18:46, UTC

Investor sentiment towards Bitcoin (BTC) is shifting from anticipation to optimism as the halving approaches, reveals the latest “On-Chain Insights” newsletter from on-chain data platform IntoTheBlock. The reason is the close attention investors pay to the halving’s potential impact on BTC’s scarcity and subsequent price movements.

Historically, Bitcoin’s value has surged post-halving due to the combined effects of increased demand and reduced supply growth, and investors are willing to see if the story will repeat itself this time.


After the first halving, the BTC value skyrocketed from $13 to $652, marking a staggering 4,802% return on investment. However, the magnitude of growth has lessened with each subsequent event. With Bitcoin’s larger market capitalization, achieving similar growth rates would require a significantly larger capital injection, indicating a likely continuation of the trend toward smaller percentage increases.

The Miner Flows Volume Share, which represents the ratio of miner-generated flows to total on-chain volume, peaked this quarter at 22%, the highest level since 2016. This surge reflects a shift in miner behavior as well, potentially influencing the market through alterations in supply and liquidity.

As miners face reduced block rewards, their strategies and the market’s response to these changes remain a focal point for investors and analysts alike, IntoTheBlock’s report suggests.