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Bitcoin BTC’s Path to Recovery: Will the Upcoming Halving Trigger a Rise Above $71,400? | COINOTAG NEWS

source-logo  en.coinotag.com 12 April 2024 12:08, UTC
  • Bitcoin struggles to breach the $71,400 resistance, raising concerns about a continued downtrend.
  • Analysts from Coinotag suggest that failing to close a 4-hour candle above $71,400 could strengthen the bearish trend.
  • A close above $65,700 on a 4-hour candle could signal a bullish reversal from the green support zone.

This analysis delves into Bitcoin’s immediate future as it approaches a critical halving event, exploring potential movements above key resistance levels.

Mid-Term Bitcoin Analysis

An examination of Bitcoin’s current technical chart reveals a tendency to continue its downward movement unless it can surpass the $71,400 mark. According to Coinotag analysts, the price’s inability to close a 4-hour candle above this level may signal a strengthening of the bearish trend.

Immediate Resistances and Supports

Bitcoin’s failure to break the $71,400 resistance increases the likelihood of a downward trend. Short-term traders are advised to exercise caution. Should Bitcoin close a candle below the ascending channel line, the downtrend could extend to $67,790. A further drop to the $66,650 area could follow a potential retest movement. However, for a bullish reversal from the green support zone, Bitcoin must close a 4-hour candle above $65,700.

Anticipating the Halving Event

Coinotag analysts predict that Bitcoin could dip into the specified green zone ahead of the halving, but also suggest that the commencement of the halving could kickstart a rally to $75,000 from this very zone. This analysis underscores the significance of the halving event in Bitcoin’s price dynamics, offering a glimmer of hope for investors looking for a bullish turnaround.

Trading Strategies and Recommendations

Given the current market conditions and the potential impact of the Bitcoin halving, traders might want to adopt a cautious approach. Monitoring the key resistance and support levels mentioned could provide strategic entry and exit points. The halving event represents a pivotal moment that could significantly alter market sentiment, making it essential for investors to stay informed and agile.


In conclusion, while Bitcoin faces significant resistance at $71,400, the upcoming halving event could provide the necessary catalyst for a bullish reversal. Investors and traders should closely watch the $65,700 and $71,400 levels for signs of Bitcoin’s next major move. With careful analysis and strategic positioning, there lies an opportunity to capitalize on the potential market shifts surrounding the halving.