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Michael Saylor Surprisingly Picks Bitcoin (BTC) Over His Own Stock

source-logo  u.today  + 1 more 27 March 2024 15:35, UTC

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor has given, in a surprise statement at the Abundance Summit, more credit to Bitcoin (BTC) over the company’s stocks. In a contemplative note, Saylor expressed his confidence in Bitcoin's enduring presence over the "centuries," while stating that he and his company are rather transient.

A video circulating on X, as shared by Trey Sellers, features a Question and Answer session where an attendee posed a thought-provoking question to Michael Saylor, asking whether it would be wiser to invest in MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock instead of directly purchasing Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy vs. direct Bitcoin investment

The attendee maintained he has made five times more profit from MicroStrategy than with Bitcoin. Experts say this is not surprising considering that MicroStrategy has eclipsed e-commerce giant Amazon in trading volume, according to recent data.

In response, Saylor advised prospective investors to dedicate sufficient time to studying Bitcoin thoroughly, before going ahead to invest in the digital asset. He suggested a minimum of 100 hours of research before making any investment decisions.

Saylor harped on the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to investing in the digital asset. He recommended intensive research intending to understand the optimal method of Bitcoin ownership: self-custody, institutional custody or via an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

This, of course, will spark debate in the broader cryptocurrency community as different people have their preferred entry point and preferences related to the digital asset. Regardless of their opinion, Saylor’s unwavering confidence in Bitcoin as “the signal” remains unshaken even in light of market volatility.

MicroStrategy's Bitcoin restriction

Saylor contrasted Bitcoin with the rigorous process required to invest in MicroStrategy stock, highlighting the extensive pages of disclosures that potential investors must read. He also pointed out a practical barrier for certain investors, noting that individuals in Nigeria, for instance, cannot self-custody MicroStrategy stock.

Saylor then shifted the focus to the broader mission of MicroStrategy, highlighting the company's commitment to solving fundamental societal issues such as integrity, sovereignty, truth and hope through the adoption of a protocol. He also acknowledged MicroStrategy's status as a high-performance business.

Interestingly, the MicroStrategy chairman revealed a unique restriction within his company, stating that investors are prohibited from directly purchasing Bitcoin. Saylor says that, instead, they are required to invest in publicly traded operating companies in the company's portfolio.

Yet, earlier this month, MicroStrategy reinforced its Bitcoin reserves by acquiring an extra 9,245 BTC, valued at around $623 million, funded through convertible senior notes proceeds and surplus cash from the digital asset firm.


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