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Mysterious ‘Mr. 100’ Quietly Buying Bitcoin in Massive Quantities, Say On-Chain Analysts – Here’s Who the Entity Might Be

source-logo  dailyhodl.com 26 February 2024 22:41, UTC

On-chain analysts are trying to figure out who owns a Bitcoin wallet that’s accumulating huge amounts of BTC at a relentless pace.

The unknown entity dubbed “Mr. 100” has bought 100 BTC nearly every day including weekends since February 14th – accumulating a total of 3806.54 BTC worth $207,996,959 in that brief time frame.

Zooming out, the whale has been active since November of 2022 and now holds 47,192.78 BTC worth a staggering $2,581,599,105 at time of publishing, making it the 15th largest Bitcoin whale in existence.

Good morning.

“Mr. 100” bought his usual 100 #Bitcoin 3 times already? https://t.co/7OswsKKPOm pic.twitter.com/eMtvvp5kca

— HODL15Capital ?? (@HODL15Capital) February 26, 2024

As for who the whale may be, a pseudonymous crypto sleuth who goes by the name Mai says that although there is no official conformation, the wallet could be connected to the South Korean crypto exchange Upbit.

“This wallet address is active in the Asian session, about 75% is active in the Asian session, the rest is in the US…

Mr.100 gathered BTC through many exchanges, but 90% came from Upbit and Bithumb, occasionally only Binance and OKX. There is a high possibility that this is the gathering team from Upbit.

Why do you say that this is not a personal wallet but the wallet of Upbit? Looking at the picture, they spread BTC quite a lot of orders range 0.0001 – 15 BTC through layer-wallet and then started converting to distribution fees.

And then transfer back to the main wallet. That’s why everyone sees that each purchase costs 100 BTC, hence the name Mr.100.”

Bitcoin is trading at $54,672 at time of publishing, up 5.7% in the last 24 hours.