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Bitcoin Remarks by Richard Teng, New CEO of Binance, in Chinese New Year Message: “BTC’s Upward Trend Will Continue”

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 09 February 2024 19:09, UTC

As the world enters the Chinese Lunar New Year, Richard Teng, the newly appointed CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, expressed warm wishes and shared his optimistic outlook for the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin.

Teng stated the following in his New Year's message shared in Chinese:

“Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, a time of celebration and renewal. As we step into the Year of the Dragon, I wish everyone a year full of prosperity and success. May the dragon and tiger leap, may the dragon and phoenix bring good luck, and may the dragon and horse spirit inspire us all. Happy new year!”

Looking ahead, Teng predicts a promising future for various industries in 2024, the Year of Three Elements and Nine Luck. “The wheel of fortune will turn in favor of smart technology, telecommunications, aviation, high-tech industries, pharmaceuticals and, of course, the cryptocurrency sector,” Teng said.

Binance CEO also underlined the role of women in this new era. “Nine Chances have a preference for women, meaning we can expect to see more women stepping into leadership roles,” he added.

Teng said he believes the price of Bitcoin should continue to rise as Bitcoin ETFs emerge and Bitcoin will undergo a halving. “Let's see what the Year of the Dragon will bring for cryptocurrencies.” Teng reminded that his words are not a prediction or financial advice, but an optimistic perspective based on current trends.

*This is not investment advice.