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Bitcoin’s new high signals major market shift: analysis and predictions

source-logo  crypto.news 10 November 2023 16:29, UTC

Explore the dynamics behind Bitcoin’s bullish run and the growing anticipation around a U.S.-based Bitcoin ETF. A deep dive into market trends and predictions.

Over the past few days, Bitcoin (BTC) has demonstrated significant resilience and growth, marking a noteworthy trend in the cryptocurrency market.

Amid a surge in trading volume, BTC price reached its fresh 52-week high of $37,926 on Nov.9. However, amid the volatility, the price retraced and trading at $37,100 as of Nov. 10.

Bitcoin's new high signals major market shift: analysis and predictions - 1
BTC price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

This recent rise is partly attributed to a “short squeeze” – a market phenomenon where the price of an asset jumps higher than expected, forcing short sellers to cover their positions, further driving the price upward.

The ripple effects of Bitcoin’s surge were also felt in the U.S. stock market, particularly among crypto-centric companies.

Shares of prominent firms such as Coinbase and MicroStrategy showed notable increases, with Coinbase rising about 4% and MicroStrategy, holding over 150,000 BTC, increasing almost 5%.

Similarly, mining firms Marathon and Riot also saw substantial gains. This trend reflects growing optimism in the market, especially with the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S.​

Let’s delve deeper into these recent developments and try to gauge where BTC is headed in the long run.

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Factors underpinning BTC bull market

Bitcoin’s impressive surge, boasting a 123% year-to-date (YTD) gain, presents a remarkable contrast against turbulent macroeconomic conditions and geopolitical tensions.

This performance has led to heightened market sentiment, with traders increasingly optimistic about Bitcoin’s price trajectory.

The options market data reveals traders are positioning themselves for Bitcoin to reach the $40,000 level. This sort of bullish positioning in the options market often reflects broader investor sentiment and can have a self-reinforcing effect on the market.

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Meanwhile, the fear and greed index has reached a score of 77, a level comparable to those seen when Bitcoin hit its all-time high in November 2021, indicating a significant shift in investor sentiment.

Adding fuel to the fire, the potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, including those from major players like BlackRock, Fidelity, ARK Invest, and 21 Shares, has likely fueled investor optimism.

While the SEC has yet to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF, the open period for approval extends until Jan. 10, 2023, maintaining a level of anticipation in the market.

Bitcoin on-chain metrics analysis

Bitcoin’s on-chain data provides valuable insights into the network’s health, usage patterns, and potential future price movements. Let’s delve into these metrics:

Daily transactions on the BTC network

This metric represents the total number of transactions processed on the Bitcoin network within a 24-hour period. It’s a direct indicator of the network’s usage and activity level.

Bitcoin's new high signals major market shift: analysis and predictions - 2
BTC daily transactions | Source: The Block

The significant increase from 283,000 transactions on Oct. 9 to 553,000 on Nov. 10 indicates a heightened level of activity and engagement within the Bitcoin network. This surge can be associated with increased investor interest, higher trading volumes, and potentially a growing adoption of Bitcoin for various use cases.

Typically, a higher number of daily transactions is viewed positively, as it suggests robust network health and can be a bullish signal for Bitcoin’s price.

Number of new addresses

This metric tracks the number of new Bitcoin addresses created each day. New addresses can signify new users entering the network or existing users generating new addresses for transactions.

The rise from 406,000 new addresses on Oct. 9 to 568,000 on Nov. 10 reflects growing participation in the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin's new high signals major market shift: analysis and predictions - 3
BTC new addresses | Source: The Block

An increase in new addresses is a precursor to increased demand for Bitcoin, which, in turn, can drive up its price. However, it’s important to note that not all new addresses represent new users, as a single user can generate multiple addresses.

Bitcoin hash rate

The hash rate measures the total computational power used to mine and process transactions on the Bitcoin network. It’s a key security metric, indicating how much computing power is required to hack or manipulate the network.

Bitcoin's new high signals major market shift: analysis and predictions - 4
BTC hash rate | Source: The Block

The jump in hash rate from 256 EH/s on Jan. 1 to 452.01 EH/s as of Nov. 10 is a strong indicator of network security and miner confidence.

A higher hash rate implies more miners are active and investing resources, suggesting their belief in Bitcoin’s profitability and stability.

Generally, a rising hash rate is considered bullish for Bitcoin’s price as it denotes a secure and robust network attractive to both investors and users.

Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction

Reports suggest that an approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF could generate significant new demand, potentially leading to a $1 trillion increase in Bitcoin’s market capitalization.

Galaxy Digital, a prominent name in the crypto space, predicts a 74% price increase in Bitcoin in the first year following a spot BTC ETF launch. They used $26,920 as the base price, suggesting more than half the rally has already been exhausted.

This expectation is based on the premise that an ETF would make Bitcoin accessible to a broader range of investors, particularly those in traditional finance who are more comfortable with regulated investment vehicles.

Meanwhile, algorithmic models and Bitcoin forecast websites are projecting optimistic growth for Bitcoin in the coming years.

According to these Bitcoin price predictions, BTC is expected to reach around $74,195 in 2023 and increase further to approximately $90,361 in 2024.

While these BTC forecasts present an encouraging outlook, investors are advised to exercise caution and not to invest more than they can afford to lose.

Cryptocurrency markets, particularly Bitcoin, are known for their volatility, and forecasts should not be the sole basis for investment decisions.

Disclosure: This article does not represent investment advice. The content and materials featured on this page are for educational purposes only.

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