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Bitcoin's Hedge Myth Exposed by 'Black Swan' Author

source-logo  u.today 25 May 2023 15:40, UTC

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, well-known author and scholar, recently questioned Bitcoin's commonly perceived role as a safe haven asset on Twitter.

Highlighting the cryptocurrency's downward trajectory during recent U.S. economic troubles, including funding risk and inflation, Taleb urged a rethink of its role as a reliable hedge. His comments sparked intense discussion among crypto enthusiasts and investors alike, with Bitcoiners arguing that their favorite cryptocurrency can still serve as a hedge.

The scholar's comments come at a crucial time, as the U.S. is on the brink of a potential financial crisis. The country's debt ceiling, which limits how much the government can borrow, is set at $31.4 trillion. If Congress does not agree to raise or suspend this limit by early June, the U.S. Treasury Department may run out of money to pay the government's bills and obligations, which could result in a default on U.S. debt.

In this scenario, the financial market's concern is escalating, and Bitcoin's value seems to be influenced by these events instead of acting as the supposed safeguard.

Taleb, in another tweet, also emphasized the importance of making investment decisions based on future performance expectations rather than past trends.

He indirectly suggested that those who rely on Bitcoin's historical performance as a measure of its future stability are misguided. Instead, he urged investors to consider the current market price when making investment decisions.

Taleb's observations add to the growing conversation surrounding Bitcoin's role as a hedge. Supporters argue that Bitcoin offers protection against inflation and geopolitical instability, while skeptics point to its high volatility and recent performance as reasons for doubt.