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Max Keiser and Elon Musk Criticize AI, Here's What Bitcoin (BTC) Has to Do With It

source-logo  u.today 25 March 2023 10:51, UTC

Twitter user @iamharaldur published a post in which he expressed concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity and what the long-term consequences of its use may be in the future.

Thus, he attracted the attention of two prominent figures on Twitter and beyond it — innovative tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser. These two shared their takes on whether AI presents a problem for mankind or not. Keiser stated that Bitcoin should benefit from AI's extinction.

Elon Musk offers solution to AI issue

This tweet caught the eye of the CEO of Tesla, owner of Twitter and founder of several other companies in the hi-tech sphere, Elon Musk. He responded that he is of a similar opinion; the questions asked by @iamharaldur are "the right questions to ask," he said.

What is more, Musk admitted that he had been thinking about similar things for many years. What he can offer as a leading entrepreneur in the sphere of new technologies is his company Neuralink. According to Musk, he set it up to create a symbiosis between the human brain and AI, and the company was launched as "a possible long-term solution" to that issue.

Those are the right questions to ask. They have been troubling me for many years.

Neuralink was created as a possible long-term solution to human+AI symbiosis.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2023

In 2015, Musk participated financially in the launch of Open AI, the company that has recently created ChatGPT. Over the past few months, however, Musk has been criticizing this product as "woke."

The reason is that ChatGPT has been programmed to change the texts it produces in a way so as not to offend users on any basis. Earlier this year, Musk issued a tweet stating that his interests now include not only crypto but also AI. He criticized "woke" AI and has been reportedly considering launching his own company that would be able to rival Open AI.

Max Keiser: AI and Bitcoin

Prominent Bitcoin proponent from the old guard, who became interested in BTC and began promoting it a few years after it was launched, also reacted to the aforementioned tweet.

He believes that artificial intelligence is "an extinction event" for humanity. The solution to that issue to protect mankind, according to Keiser, is to deprive AI of the energy it needs for functioning and transfer all that spare energy to Bitcoin miners, so they can use it to keep BTC hash power high.

AI is an extinction event for our species. Our only hope is if we starve it of the energy it needs to survive by diverting and dedicating an 'AI Extinction Event' amount of energy to #Bitcoin hashing. https://t.co/InfEBvzf45

— Max Keiser, sr. bitcoin advisor to Pres. Bukele (@maxkeiser) March 24, 2023