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Bitcoin ATM starts spewing out tons of cash! Hack or malfunction?

www.chepicap.com 08 June 2019 00:30, UTC
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In a dream-like situation, a Bitcoin ATM in a shopping center at Bond Street, London, decided to start spewing out tons of cash, while dozens of customers are held at bay by security guards.

Admit it. Each and every time you are standing in front of an ATM you secretly wish for the machine to malfunction and give you access to heaps of cash. Right?

Well, that dream-like scenario, happend to a Bitcoin ATM, in a shopping centre nearby London’s Bond Street train station, where it started to spew heaps of cash, while security guards try their hardest to keep dozens of customers at bay.

Reddit user skypirateX, posted the below video, where you see a man trying to catch as many flowing bank notes as possible, sweeping with his feet any pounds that missed the bag placed in front of the ATM.

Obviously, the slogan 'Free pounds Cash withdrawals', has a whole different meaning right now.

Although many suspected the ATM to be hacked, the representative of the Polish company, who takes care of these Bitcoin ATM's, told Hard Fork, that there was no hacking involved and that the withdrawal was intentional.

'Everything was going well during this transaction', the representative told Hard Fork. 'As you can see there is a bag in front of the ATM.'

However, if this was an intentional withdrawal, then surely there must be more efficient ways to collect the flying cash.

The company, later admitted that the flying bills activity was the result of a coin, which had been maliciously stuffed into the machine’s banknote acceptor.

A bitcoin ATM in a shopping center at Bond Street, London, has spewed out tons of cash with it unclear whether this was some sort of malfunction or a hack. pic.twitter.com/Cgo2Jv0Tx7

— CryptocurrencyMarket.us ⚡️ (@cryptocurmarket) June 7, 2019

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