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'Get Used to Bitcoin' browser plugin converts fiat prices to BTC


www.chepicap.com 23 May 2019 18:30, UTC
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A newly-released browser extension could have significant potential for the adoption and promotion of Bitcoin. Get Used to Bitcoin converts all prices on webpages into a BTC amount.

Browser software is gradually being developed to adapt to the growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A plug-in was recently released that allows Lightning Network users to more easily run a full Bitcoin node, and the Brave browser has been specifically designed to disrupt the monetizing of online content with its own proprietary crypto token, Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Start seeing the prices of goods and services in Bitcoin, automatically. Get Used to Bitcoin works on many of the world’s largest e-commerce sites, including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Costco, and many others. pic.twitter.com/5QcS9mx5ZF

— Get Used to Bitcoin (@getusedtoBTC) May 21, 2019

The Get Used to Bitcoin browser extension may not have a huge impact in itself, and it may have limited appeal outside the crypto space, but it is a useful innovation that could show other developers how to integrate the crypto space with the mainstream online eco-system. Designed by Shaine Kennedy, the extension is available for Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. 

Get Used to Bitcoin currently supports:
• United States Dollar
• Euro
• Pound Sterling
• Japanese Yen
• Australian Dollar
• Thai Baht
• South Korean Won
• Russian Ruble

More currencies coming soon. pic.twitter.com/WSy77emXdV

— Get Used to Bitcoin (@getusedtoBTC) May 21, 2019

The add-on works with many of the top online retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. It automatically does a BTC conversion from prices denominated in a large number of fiat currencies, including Euros, USD, Yen, and more. Support for more fiat currencies is due to be added soon.

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