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How Bitcoin Can Benefit You Individually

source-logo  cryptonews.net 19 September 2022 09:35, UTC

Some experts argue that Bitcoin is likely to change how the economy works, and it is already doing it. But Bitcoin does not impact businesses and the economy alone. It can also benefit you as an individual. This digital currency is an asset class that is not only a medium of exchange but also a good store of value and investment tool. 

More so, this electronic money is a perfect alternative to conventional currency, and here is how Bitcoin can benefit you individually.


This digital asset is the most secure currency meaning hackers cannot easily hack this virtual asset. Furthermore, this virtual currency is completely decentralized, meaning that no single government or financial institution has control over this digital asset. On the other hand, so many computers and nodes are working behind Bitcoin. 

In addition, you can mine this virtual asset by solving complex mathematical equations and earning rewards. Miners are behind computers because mining requires expensive equipment, and the process requires a lot of energy. So, to hack this virtual asset, you will have to hack the nodes and computers hence why this virtual asset is a more secure currency.

Mere Transaction Fees

Fiat currency transactions involve third parties such as banks. Hence, they are expensive and charge high fees since each intermediary charges a fee. For instance, credit cards charge a higher commission, especially for international payments. Consequently, fiat money transactions do not favor entrepreneurs. 

On the other hand, this digital money does not charge such hefty fees as conventional currency. Bitcoin transactions do not involve intermediaries, so you can send this digital asset across the globe via a reliable crypto exchange like bitcoin-360-ai, without paying extra charges. 

Fast Transactions

Typically, sending fiat currency using banks across your borders takes four to five working days for the payment to be processed. Therefore, fiat currency transactions are not fast enough and can inconvenience an entrepreneur. 

Nonetheless, these electronic money transactions are pretty fast since a Bitcoin transaction takes ten minutes to be processed. Eventually, Bitcoin transactions are pretty fast, which will benefit you individually. 

Inflation Hedge

This virtual asset is a perfect hedge against inflation since it has a limited supply meaning that only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be available. What's more, some people believe that miners will produce the last Bitcoin in 2140. On the other hand, the Fiat currency goes through inflation because it does not have a hard limit. Inflation arises when a government prints more fiat money hence increasing the supply. However, a scarce currency like Bitcoin tends to increase in value.

Additionally, this virtual asset goes through a halving process every four years when miners generate 210,000 Bitcoins, whereby the system cuts the rewards halfway. The halving process decreases supply, leading to an increase in demand and the value of Bitcoin.


While sending money using banks that act as middlemen, you have to fill in details that can be sensitive information. Consequently, a staff member can access your sensitive data and share your details. However, with this virtual asset, you remain anonymous, and no one can track you. Also, these virtual money transactions do not disclose your addresses. This decentralized digital asset means no one can access and see your personalized information except you. 

The Bottom Line

There are several different ways that digital money can benefit you. Bitcoin is one of the best investments that give you the much-needed freedom for your money, meaning you control how you spend your money.