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Investor Scores Big with Wise Investments in $WIF

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 29 May 2024 21:00, UTC

In an impressive display of financial acumen, an investor has turned a modest $5,879 into a staggering $7 million by trading in $WIF, a cryptocurrency token. Initially purchasing 6.1 million $WIF on December 8, 2023, when the value stood at approximately $23.7 million, the investor has successfully managed his assets to secure a return of nearly 1,197 times the initial investment.

The investor strategically sold off 4.7 million $WIF, securing $1.57 million from these transactions. This methodical approach to selling during price surges highlights a savvy understanding of market dynamics and profit-taking strategies.

Every time $WIF goes up, this 1,000x winner sells part of $WIF for profit.

He spent only $5,879 to buy 6.1M $WIF($23.7M currently) on Dec 8, 2023 and then sold 4.7M $WIF($1.57M) successively.

He still has 1.4M $WIF left, worth $5.47M.

His profit on $WIF is ~$7M, a gain of… pic.twitter.com/iSZDVoYhhQ

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 29, 2024

Despite the significant sell-off, the investor retains 1.4 million $WIF, currently valued at around $5.47 million. With a keen eye on the market and a solid record of high returns, the investor remains poised to capitalize on future market movements.

Dogwifhat Price Review: How is $WIF Doing Today?

Analysing Dogwifhat price charts, we see a rectangle suggesting a consolidation period or noteworthy trading activity. The Dogwifhat price action within this rectangle shows a triangular pattern, typically interpreted as a continuation or a reversal pattern depending on the breakout direction.

4-hour WIF/USDT Chart | Source: TradingView

On the other hand, the Woodies Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is shown at the bottom of the chart, currently indicating a reading above +66. This suggests strong bullish momentum, as values above +100 typically confirm bullish trends. The sudden surge in CCI corresponds with the price breakout, reinforcing the strength of the current uptrend. The slight dip in CCI in the most recent data points could suggest a cooling off or a potential retest of previous resistance levels, which has now turned support.