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XRP to $100 to $300: Here are Possible Timelines

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 29 May 2024 04:57, UTC

Several entities, including crypto exchange Changelly and Telegaon, have projected timelines for XRP to reach a price range of $100 to $300.

XRP continues to trade at the mercy of the bears, down 14% this year while other assets have recorded substantial growth. The underperformance has been attributed to a price suppression triggered by Ripple’s sales and the ongoing SEC lawsuit. However, these claims remain speculative.

XRP Suffers Price Suppression

Ripple CTO David Schwartz has continuously argued against the idea that this suppression comes from Ripple’s periodic sales of XRP. Meanwhile, despite the ongoing debate, several analysts expect XRP to repeat its 2017 price run, which saw it soar 48,823% after initially underperforming.

Market watchers have set multiple targets for XRP for when it records a similar price upsurge. Crypto analyst EGRAG maintains that XRP could reach $27 when it registers its meteoric surge. Meanwhile, another analyst CryptoBull sees prices spiking to as high as $154.

As these projections spring up, some commentators have dismissed them, while others continue to anticipate an eventual uptrend to clinch even a fraction of the targets. Amid the mixed sentiments, several entities have come up to project timelines in which XRP might reach some of these targets, specifically $100 to $300.

Projected Timelines for $100 to $300 Price Range

For instance, analysts at Changelly see XRP reaching $100 in April 2040, expecting it to trade at an average price of $104.62. These analysts believe XRP would continue to soar in price after crossing the $100 mark, predicting it to eventually break $200 in August 2040 and then reach $300 in December of that year.

XRP Price Prediction | Changelly

Meanwhile, researchers at crypto prediction resource Telegaon are less optimistic about XRP than Changelly analysts. In a recent analysis, the Telegaon team only sees XRP reaching $100 in 2050, 26 years from now. They have no projected timeline for XRP to hit $200 or even $300.

Despite the less optimistic outlook, Telegaon remains more bullish on XRP than CoinCodex, a market analysis platform. Interestingly, CoinCodex expects XRP to continue underperforming in this cycle and in subsequent cycles. They predict XRP to only hit $2.45 as its highest price in 2029 and $1.7 in 2030, suggesting that it would not surpass its ATH of $3.84 in the next 16 years.

The Crypto Basic has also called attention to multiple predictions in the past suggesting that XRP could reach prices between $100 and $300. Analyst Javon Marks projected that XRP is capable of hitting $200 on the back of a massive coil pattern.

Moreover, Block Bull, another market analyst, recently asserted that XRP could reach $250 in this market cycle, specifically in 2025. EGRAG also suggested earlier this year that XRP has the potential to reach $220. Notably, XRP currently changes hands at $0.5296, down 2% over the last 24 hours.