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Here are Returns on $1,000 Invested in Cardano if ADA Hits $100

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 27 May 2024 15:56, UTC

The proceeds for investing $1,000 in Cardano today would be a staggering 21,368% ROI in the hypothetical scenario where ADA attains a $100 price.

In the last 24 hours, altcoins have been on a significant bull frenzy, outperforming Bitcoin, as the firstborn crypto stabilizes around $68K. At last check, Cardano bulls have yet to join the frenzy, with ADA up by only 1.5%, as its value settles at $0.4658.

Meanwhile, enthusiasm is high regarding Cardano’s potential in the current bull market, with expectations set ambitiously. It is worth noting that during the previous bull market, ADA’s value soared to $3.10, registering a 3,771% increase within a single year.

Analysts are confident that the market could see a similar trend again. Notably, ADA currently trades at 85% less than its 2021 high. Yet, there are speculations that it could surpass its previous high and even reach prices in the double digits.

In this scenario, individuals who invest a modest sum in ADA today stand to gain substantial profits from Cardano’s potential growth.

For instance, with $1,000, one can acquire a Cardano portfolio containing 2,147 ADA tokens. If Cardano hits the $10 mark, this modest investment could balloon to $21,470. Leading analysts believe reaching $10 is a realistic goal for ADA, possibly within this year or by 2025.

Return on $1,000 Invested in Cardano if ADA Hits $100

Similarly, the value of the 2,147 ADA tokens will soar from $1,000 to a pricey $214,684 in a scenario where Cardano ever attains $100. This growth amounts to a profit of $213,684 or an ROI of 21,368%.

However, the ambitious nature of this target sparks the question about the feasibility of ADA reaching it.

When Can Cardano Hit $100?

Analysts from the Changelly Exchange project that by 2040, Cardano could reach the $100 mark—as early as January or February of that year. They further solidify this forecast by suggesting a minimum price target of $111.21 for Cardano in February 2040, sixteen years from now.

Google Bard (now Gemini) suggests that Cardano reaching $100 would require tech breakthrough, broad adoption, and financial shifts. Yet, the AI chatbot warned that the implication of a $3.5 trillion market cap makes the $100 target unlikely anytime soon.