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Dogecoin Founder Makes Stunning AI Prediction That Will Impact Everyone

source-logo  u.today 23 May 2024 10:45, UTC

Billy Markus, known on X as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto”, has published an alarming prediction as to how AI is likely to impact Internet users and companies that use Internet traffic in the near future.

He also shared his take on how AI is going to be trained and he does not seem to be happy about this conclusion.

"Search engines moving toward AI"

Markus ponders about future AI developments and how they will impact a wide business industry based on the Internet and search engines, as well as average Internet users and the way they prefer to find data online.

In his recent tweet, the co-founder of the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin wrote that he expects the next few years to be “interesting.” Then he shared his take on the upcoming development of AI-based search engines.

the next few years are going to be interesting

search engines moving toward AI -> people won’t visit websites for info -> companies that rely on search engine traffic will go out of business -> AI will get trained not by journalists but by random comments from you and me -> ???

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) May 22, 2024

Markus tweeted that search engines are starting to move towards AI. This is likely to result in a great number of Internet users to stop visiting websites to obtain information. This, in return, is likely to put companies that rely on search engine traffic out of business.

The next consequential ball point on his list is that AI will be trained not by journalists but “by random comments from you and me” (using their posts and comments on X and other social media platforms, likely). What this will result in Markus either fails to imagine or he does not want to talk about that.

Elon Musk's "Black Mirror" AI warning

As reported by U.Today, tech magnate Musk issued a statement about the new feature called Recall and released by Microsoft as part of their Copilot AI. Recall is designed to create a “memory” for users by constantly taking screenshots of everything they do on their PCs and laptops running on Windows and every website they visit.

These screenshots will be processed by the AI and then users will get an opportunity to look through this “memory” and search through it. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella assured the global audience that this data will not be added to the company’s data bases.

Elon Musk called this a “Black Mirror” episode and tweeted that he will definitely turn this feature off in the future.