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The rise of MicroStrategy and the role of Bitcoin

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 15 May 2024 17:40, UTC

MicroStrategy, the company known for being the largest holder of Bitcoin in the world, has reached a new milestone. Starting from May 31, the company will be included in the global stock index MSCI World, a significant recognition that reflects its growing role in the global financial landscape.

With Bitcoin holdings currently valued at $13.5 billion, MicroStrategy’s addition to the index was followed by a surge in the price of its shares, which have increased by over 87% since the beginning of the year.


The rise, the goal of MicroStrategy and the role of Bitcoin

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a business intelligence, software, and cloud services company. However, in recent years, it has become better known for its aggressive investment strategy in Bitcoin. Under the guidance of its CEO, Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy began accumulating Bitcoin in 2020, seeing the cryptocurrency as a store of value superior to cash.

This strategy has led MicroStrategy to massively purchase Bitcoin, using not only its own funds but also capital raised through the issuance of bonds. Currently, the company owns over 140,000 Bitcoin, making it the largest institutional holder of this cryptocurrency.

The MSCI World index is one of the main global indices representing leading companies in developed markets. It includes more than 1,600 companies from various sectors and countries, providing investors with a wide range of investment opportunities. The inclusion of MicroStrategy in this index not only reflects the growth and importance of the company, but also the increasing legitimization of cryptocurrencies in traditional financial markets.

For investors, the addition of MicroStrategy to the MSCI World index could bring several advantages. First of all, the company’s shares will become accessible to a larger number of institutional and individual investors who replicate or invest in funds indexed to the MSCI World. This could further increase the demand for MicroStrategy’s shares, positively influencing their price.

Extraordinary performance of MicroStrategy’s actions

Since the beginning of the year, MicroStrategy’s actions have recorded an impressive growth, increasing by over 87%. This remarkable increase can be attributed to various factors. The main one is the rise in the price of Bitcoin, which has benefited from the increasing acceptance by financial institutions and the interest of investors in cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of investment.

Furthermore, MicroStrategy’s investment strategy in Bitcoin has attracted significant media attention, increasing the visibility of the company and solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrencies. Investors see MicroStrategy not only as a software company, but also as a kind of proxy for investing in Bitcoin without having to directly purchase the cryptocurrency.

Despite the success, MicroStrategy’s approach is not without risks. The volatility of Bitcoin can have a significant impact on the value of the company’s holdings and, consequently, on the price of its shares. A significant drop in the price of Bitcoin could reduce the value of MicroStrategy’s assets, negatively impacting its financial performance.

However, inclusion in the MSCI World index could also offer new opportunities. Access to a broader investor base could stabilize the company’s stock price and provide a cushion against Bitcoin volatility. Additionally, MicroStrategy could leverage the increased attention and additional capital to further expand its core business intelligence and software activities.


The addition of MicroStrategy to the MSCI World index represents an important recognition of its role in the global financial landscape and the growing importance of cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin holdings valued at $13.5 billion and a rapidly rising stock price, MicroStrategy is in a unique position to influence both the cryptocurrency market and traditional investment market.

While the future remains uncertain and full of challenges, inclusion in the MSCI World index provides MicroStrategy with a solid platform from which to continue its innovative investment strategy. For investors, it represents an opportunity to participate in the growth of the cryptocurrency market through a consolidated and globally recognized investment vehicle.