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Research Platform Unveils 14 Altcoins Set for 100X Gains

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 17 April 2024 10:26, UTC

Token Metrics, the AI-powered investment research platform, has revised its selection of cryptocurrencies poised to potentially yield gains up to 100 times in light of the recent market downturn.

This time, the platform spotlighted 14 cryptos it believes can set investors financially free when the bulls re-emerge. In an earlier post, Token Metrics pinpointed 27 cryptocurrencies worth investing in for a potential 10,000% gain.

100X Potential Tokens

In the latest disclosure, leading the pack for 100X potential tokens are low-cap emerging cryptocurrencies such as LCX, Nexera (NXRA), Swarm Markets (SMT), and Astra DAO.

These gems might just give you financial freedom this bullmarket (3x to 100x).

3x to 10x potential$SOL$XRP$DOGE

10x to 30x potential$KAS$LINK$QNT

50x potential$EGLD$NEXA$XNA$INJ

100x or more$LCX$NXRA$SMT

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— Token Metrics (@tokenmetricsinc) April 16, 2024

Notably, the listed tokens in the category have been standout performers since last year, except ASTRADAO. For instance, amid recent market declines, SMT maintains a 530% gain in its one-year trajectory. Meanwhile, ASTRADAO shoulders a staggering 81% decline over the past year.

Yet, Token Metrics believes ASTRADAO and others in this group can potentially net investors over 10,000% gains in this bull market.

Tokens with 50x Potential

Token Metrics’ category of assets with 5,000% potential this season includes some notable projects such as Injective (INJ) and MultiversX (EGLD). INJ now shoulders a substantial 38% loss in its 30-day trajectory amid the Saturday crash. Yet, it retains a one-year growth of over 180%.

Conversely, EGLD is a notable underperformer, wielding losses across the last 30 days and one year. Nonetheless, the research platform believes EGLD could expand its price by over 50X between now and next year. Other cited tokens in this category include emerging projects NEXA and Neurai (XNA).

Coins with 10x to 30x Potential

This category includes notable tokens Kaspa (KAS), Chainlink (LINK), and Quant (QNT). KAS and LINK have demonstrated a capability for a commendable performance in a bull market. For instance, KAS retains 336% gains in its one-year trajectory while LINK holds 60%.

Meanwhile, QNT has been an underperforming asset since last year. The recent market dip invalidated the gains accrued in March and late 2023. Token Metrics’ outlook for KAS, LINK, and QNT is to witness 1,000 to 3,000% gains by next year.

Tokens with 3x to 10x Potential

This tier comprises top ten ranking projects Solana (SOL), XRP, and Dogecoin (DOGE). Despite the market-wide dip, Dogecoin retains an over 7% gain in its 30-day trajectory. Dogecoin emerged as a standout performer in the bull market in February and continues to trade at price points last seen in 2021.

Meanwhile, Solana has established itself as potentially the best performer among the top ten, with its steady uptrends since 2023.

Token Metrics anticipates that DOGE, SOL, and XRP may experience gains of up to tenfold during this season. While SOL and DOGE have demonstrated their potential, XRP has yet to establish a compelling track record for significant gains in this bullish market.