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One of the Biggest Trends of the Last Days: RWA Altcoins – Santiment Reveals RWA Tokens Developers Are Most Focused On

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 02 April 2024 20:25, UTC

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment, in its statement, listed the Real World Assets (RWA)-themed altcoins, which are one of the most trending topics in recent weeks, that developers focus on the most.

Santiment listed the altcoins and developer scores that developers focused on the most in the last 30 days as follows:

  1. Chainlink (LINK) – 455.1
  2. Synthetix (SNX) – 122.17
  3. Oraichain Token (ORAI) – 82.63
  4. Maker (MKR) – 48.57
  5. Dusk (DUSK) – 42.87
  6. Centrifuge (CFG) – 40.83
  7. Polymesh (POLYX) – 22.8
  8. Boson Protocol (BOSON) – 19
  9. Reserve (RSR) – 16.73
  10. Propy (PRO) – 8.63

Santiment creates the developer activity data in question based on the code changes made on the Github pages of the relevant cryptocurrency projects. However, analysts also state that they use a filtering system to prevent fraudulent developer activities.

In the published list, it is noteworthy that Chainlink is currently the RWA cryptocurrency project that developers focus on the most. LINK has more than tripled its closest competitor in terms of developer activity.

Real World Assets (RWA) refer to a class of cryptocurrencies that represent tangible assets that exist outside of the digital environment. These can range from bonds to real estate, commodities and machinery. RWAs enable these assets to find a place in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, increasing the availability of these often inaccessible financial instruments.

*This is not investment advice.