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MANTRA actively pushing RWA narrative to gain greater market exposure

source-logo  u.today 25 March 2024 14:48, UTC

MANTRA's market rally could be on the verge of accelerating thanks to the real-world asset (RWA) tokenization trend and the potential conclusion of the market correction we have witnessed.

Currently, OM is trading at about $0.6899 after experiencing significant volatility. The support level to watch is around $0.26085. It may be significantly lower than the current price threshold; however, it is due to the significant volatility we witnessed previously.


On the upside, OM faces a resistance level near $0.74942. If it can break through this point, the path could be paved for a continued uptrend, perhaps even reaching the higher peaks it previously set.

As MANTRA embraces RWA tokenization, an emerging trend in crypto, it could find a strong basis for price growth. This innovative approach allows investors to back their crypto with tangible, real-world assets like property or artwork, potentially providing more stability and drawing interest from a broader investment community.

Additionaly, MANTRA plans to launch the Hongbai Testnet, which is an important step in cementing its position on the market and attracting developers that will make Mantra's ecosystem richer and help it gain more traction in the industry overall. These developments could be key to attracting a dedicated following and driving the token's value up.

In simple terms, MANTRA's future seems promising as it rides the wave of RWA tokenization and keeps on pushing development. If it continues to break through resistance levels and maintain its support base, there is potential for significant growth.

Only time will tell if MANTRA will indeed capitalize on this trending fusion of cryptocurrency and real-world assets. But keep in mind, the market just exited correction mode, and any bullish movements on the market should be treated with caution as they can quickly turn into bearish ones.