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Crypto Investor Outlines Why He is Bullish on Aerodrome Finance (AERO)

source-logo  coinedition.com 01 March 2024 17:05, UTC

VoomioNFT’s founder and director of customer relations, Justin Williams, identified as Taco on X (formerly Twitter), has outlined the reasons behind his ultra-bullish approach toward Aeordrome Finance (AERO). In a recent post on X, Taco highlighted how AERO’s links to Coinbase, one of the world’s foremost crypto exchanges, impacted the project.

6/ Beyond its strategic position, $AERO's listing on Coinbase simplifies access for crypto investors, amplifying its appeal. The involvement of CB Ventures underscores the market's confidence in Aerodrome's potential. pic.twitter.com/hA0xSFozUR

— Taco (@Crypto_Taco01) February 27, 2024

According to Taco, Aerodrome Finance is a premier DEX and liquidity marketplace on Base. The platform boasts a TVL of 134.68m, dwarfing competitors. Taco believes that as Base grows, Aerodrome is poised to become a central hub for a burgeoning user base.

Meanwhile, the crypto personality thinks that with the hype around Layer-2s (L2s) heating up in this cycle, Base is set to dominate. He believes Coinbase’s backing will further promote the platform’s bullish case. Taco also recognizes Coinbase as an industry behemoth that aims to onboard a staggering 1 billion users into its Base chain ecosystem. According to him, their strategy, especially if they navigate the SEC lawsuit successfully, positions them at the forefront of regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, Taco identified the Coinbase and BlackRock partnership to tokenize real-world assets (RWA) on the Base Chain as a significant growth potential signal. He considers it a pivotal move for the blockchain space and beneficial for platforms on Base. The Voomio director also noted AERO’s tokenomics as a significant factor supporting its bullish outlook.

According to Taco, AERO’s approach of releasing only 160 million tokens and locking the rest for four years creates promising scarcity and demand dynamics. He also thinks the token’s listing on Coinbase amplifies its appeal by simplifying access for crypto investors.

In his projection, Taco considers investing in Aerodrome Finance a potential 100x opportunity. He believes Aerodrome Finance represents a unique convergence of strategic partnerships, platform strength, and market potential. He sees AERO as a beacon for investors looking for exponential growth as the crypto landscape evolves.

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