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Here Is When Cardano Can Reach $81.52 to $100.57

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 23 February 2024 08:58, UTC

The price of Cardano could go well into the double-digit figure and even hit $100 within the next two decades, according to Changelly and Gemini.

Cardano (ADA) currently hovers at $0.59, having gained over 2600% since 2018, according to CoinMarketCap data. Within that timeline, the cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the largest by market cap, staying within the top ten coins.

Yet, the best is yet to come if some wild predictions are anything to go by. Popular crypto exchange Changelly recently updated its Cardano price predictions, with potential timelines for when ADA will reach the range between $81.52 per coin and $100.57.

Image Source httpschangellycom

According to Changelly’s predictions, Cardano will continue to see eye-catching growth within the next decade. This growth will propel ADA to enter the double-digit club by March 2031. Changelly expects the cryptocurrency to hit $10.26 at that time.

However, ADA will take significantly longer to be valued at three digits. Based on the prediction table, Cardano will hit a maximum price range of $100.57 in February 2040, approximately sixteen years from now. Even if that prediction is not met, the report estimates a minimum price of $81.52 by the stated timeline.

The projected price would represent a 16,782% increase from the current price of Cardano, meaning huge returns for holders. Changelly speculates that a combination of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, and especially the Cardano blockchain, will pave the way for the cryptocurrency to reach such high valuations.

Google’s Bard (Gemini) Shares Challenges to Cardano Reaching $100

In addition to Changelly’s prediction, we asked Google’s AI tool Gemini when it believes Cardano can reach $100. The AI chatbot did not present specific timelines. However, it outlines some challenges to Cardano attaining such high figures.

For instance, it mentions that “a major breakthrough in technology, widespread adoption across various industries, and a significant shift in the financial landscape” could potentially propel Cardano toward $100.

Google Gemini Cardano predictions

The AI chatbot also accurately notes that a $100 price would mean a $3.5 trillion market capitalization for ADA. It warns that such a projection may not be attainable in the foreseeable future but cannot be completely ruled out for Cardano.