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XRP to $412.54: Here’s the Projected Timeline

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 13 February 2024 08:12, UTC

The potential for XRP to clinch a triple-digit price has recently been spotlighted, with Changelly and Google Bard projecting when the asset could hit $412.54.

XRP has been one of the biggest victims of the recent market correction, closing January with a discouraging 18.24% decline. XRP failed to leverage the previous pre-bull rally fully but was among the most impacted by the ensuing retracement.

XRP’s Current Position

Amid the prevailing gloom and fading optimism, some investors remain unfazed as multiple market analysts continue to make bullish XRP price predictions. Analysts from Changelly are also optimistic about XRP’s future price trajectory, as evidenced in a report today.

The report first spotlights XRP’s current position, which stands in the bearish region. XRP’s technical overview indicates that sentiment is 97% bearish. XRP’s volatility currently stands at 5.17%, with only 11 winning days over the last 30 days.

At a current price of $0.5190, XRP now trades below the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) at $0.5773, and the 200-day SMA is currently hovering around $0.5560. This indicates that the token is bearish in the short and long terms.

Moreover, XRP’s relative strength index (RSI) is currently showing extreme weakness. Nonetheless, at a current value of 34.78, the RSI suggests XRP could be gearing for a reversal. Changelly’s analysts hold this sentiment, predicting the asset will rally 34% to $0.6796 in three days.

XRP Could Hit $412.54 in 2040

However, the analysts see XRP correcting these gains, eventually ending February at $0.5430. They believe XRP would reach a maximum price of $0.8997 this year without crossing the $1 mark.

Their projections suggest that XRP would only cross the $1 threshold next year, with a predicted maximum price of $1.34 for the year. According to the Changelly analysts, the asset could hit a two-figure price of $11.87 as its maximum price seven years from now, in 2031.

XRP Price Prediction | Changelly

In addition, the analysts believe XRP has the potential to clinch a three-figure value in 2040. They predict an average price of $440.80 in 2040, with the $412.54 value positioned as the minimum price for the crypto token in 2040. For context, XRP must rally 79,387% to hit $412.54.

When we queried Google’s AI service Bard on a timeline for XRP to hit $412.54, the chatbot presented two scenarios. Coincidentally enough, in the optimistic scenario, Bard predicts XRP will clinch $412.54 in 2040, the same timeline as Changelly.

XRP Price Prediction | Google Bard

However, the AI chatbot does not expect XRP to hit this target until 2050 or 2070 in a more realistic scenario. Bard stressed that some regulatory changes, unforeseen events, and technological advancements could influence this timeline.