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Important Shibarium Metric Soars 130%: What Does it Mean for the SHIB Price?

source-logo  cryptopotato.com 22 November 2023 23:19, UTC


  • Rapid Growth of Shibarium: Shibarium, a layer-2 solution for Shiba Inu, experienced a surge in daily transactions, reaching nearly 35,000 on November 21, a 130% increase from the previous day.
  • Achievement of Key Milestones: Since its launch, Shibarium has crossed over 4 million total transactions, with wallet addresses exceeding 1.25 million and nearly 1.8 million total blocks.
  • Shibarium’s Purpose: Introduced in August, Shibarium is designed to improve Shiba Inu by enhancing transaction speed and reducing costs.

Shibarium’s Latest Spike

Shiba Inu’s layer-2 blockchain solution – Shibarium – continues its rapid progress approximately three months after its official launch. According to latest data, the number of daily transactions on the network surged to almost 35,000 on November 21. In comparison, the figure was less than 15,000 the day before, representing a 130% increase.

It is worth noting that the number of daily transactions on Shibarium has hovered between 8,000 and 18,000 throughout November, making yesterday’s spike the record for the month.

Shiba Inu’s L2 scaling solution has recently blasted through several important milestones. As CryptoPotato reported on November 21, its total transactions surpassed the 4 million mark.

Additionally, wallet addresses have exceeded 1.25 million, whereas the total number of blocks is inching toward the 1.8 million target.

The advancement of Shibarium has been touted as one element that could boost Shiba Inu’s valuation. Nonetheless, SHIB has plunged 4% in the past 24 hours and 6% on a weekly basis.

Everything About Shibarium

The team behind the memecoin project officially introduced the layer-2 blockchain solution in August this year. Its goal is to elevate Shiba Inu above its rivals by improving speed and lowering transaction costs.

Those willing to dive deeper into the matter and learn more about Shibarium’s purposes and specifics could take a look at the video below: