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2023 in crypto: what were the biggest trends

source-logo  en.cryptonomist.ch 21 November 2023 15:32, UTC

The demand for the approval of a crypto ETF on Bitcoin, led by large firms such as BlackRock and Fidelity, is the most significant narrative of 2023.

Bitcoin spot ETFs can reduce investment costs, increase liquidity, improve price tracking efficiency, and meet stricter regulatory requirements, expanding Bitcoin’s accessibility and acceptance. Especially for retail and institutional investors, spot Bitcoin ETFs provide a more convenient and direct investment channel.

The influx of substantial new funds into the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow the total market value of the cryptocurrency world. With these expectations, the confidence of institutions and retail investors has been greatly strengthened.


The most important news of 2023: the Ripple case

Another one of the crypto news items that has characterized 2023 is definitely the Ripple case.

A few months ago, a US federal judge ruled that Ripple’s sales of XRP tokens through exchanges and algorithmic programs did not constitute investment contracts (thus not violating securities laws).

Subsequently, the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple’s CEO failed, leading the market to believe that the regulatory environment is improving. This created an expectation of high probability of approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

Six market catalysts for positive developments in 2024

What to expect in 2024: changing trends, upcoming changes in the market situation, and perhaps key events.

1. The Bitcoin ETF is expected to receive SEC approval in January 2024. The market is currently optimistic that an ETF on Ethereum will be approved later. Institutions are considering using Bitcoin to achieve diversified asset allocation.

2. The Ethereum Cancun upgrade is scheduled for the first quarter, during which the Ethereum and L2 ecosystems will further unlock their potential. ZK L2 projects are expected to see a boom in token issuance.

3. USDC stablecoin issuer Circle is preparing for its initial public offering (IPO), potentially in the first half of 2024. This move should support the adoption of crypto stablecoins.

4. Bitcoin will undergo a halving in 155 days, increasing the scarcity of this cryptocurrency.

5. The FTX case is gradually entering its final phase, facing restructuring. As regulatory clarity emerges, it is expected to attract new retail funds.

6. The U.S. interest rate hike cycle is coming to an end, and the market expects the first rate cut as early as May 2024. Under this boost, positive sentiment in cryptocurrency markets is expected to strengthen, increasing Bitcoin‘s appeal.

A true bull market is expected to emerge next year after the liquidation of excess Bitcoin from Mt.Gox and the seizure of Silk Road by the US government, accompanied by widespread cryptocurrency adoption and new innovations.