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Predictions for CHZ, CEEK, LUNC, and AVAX: Will Prices Continue to Rise?

source-logo  en.coin-turk.com 10 November 2023 23:15, UTC

Bankrupt crypto companies have seen their token prices increase by more than 50%. This is not surprising, as altcoins that have been highlighted by speculative price movements tend to make such moves. So, what are the latest predictions for CHZ, CEEK, LUNC, and AVAX? Will the price increase continue, and what are their target prices?

Chiliz (CHZ) Coin Predictions

In previous evaluations, we mentioned that the $0.085 resistance could be tested, and we could have seen it if there hadn’t been a surprising BTC drop. Fortunately, BTC has started to recover, and CHZ has closed above $0.075, bringing us closer to the test again. If there are more closings above this region, there could be a quick jump to the $0.094 and $0.1 levels.

If BTC wants to retest $38,000 in the coming hours, what we will see will likely be close to that. In the opposite scenario, we may see a visit to the familiar $0.07 region.

CEEK Coin Price Predictions

When you look at the chart, you always see long upper wicks. The profit-taking addiction among investors continues to suppress CEEK Coin prices. We have previously discussed concerns about long-term performance. Closings above $0.05 will allow for the testing of the challenging resistance area of $0.055. Then CEEK Coin investors may have the opportunity to reverse the downtrend. In the opposite scenario, new ATL levels will be sought after $0.046 and $0.044.

LUNC Coin Predictions

Speculative rallies have finally begun, albeit late. The token of the ghost town Terra Classic has increased by over 35% today. The $0.0000944 level has recently become an important resistance area for the price, and if this area is breached, the days of decline may be forgotten temporarily, and the price may erase one zero. In an extended rally scenario, the target could be $0.00011, but it should not be forgotten that this move is speculative. Of course, investors should act with awareness of their risks.

AVAX Price Predictions

As SOL Coin exceeds $50, is AVAX following? Of course not, as the price is currently around $14.45, but it is true that it is moving slowly compared to SOL Coin. Closings above $13.8 on the daily chart are targeting the $15 resistance. At the time of writing, the price is not far from the resistance, and it may surpass this level in the next attempt.

After the targets of $17.75 and $21.6, the downtrend scenario for AVAX Coin may come to an end. However, I must mention something that no one is talking about these days. As the November 24th date approaches, people will be discussing the opening of approximately $138 million worth of lock-ups. The majority of this will go to strategic partners and the foundation. The largest share goes to the team. How much of this will the team sell while the price is high for a nice New Year? How will these sales affect the price? Has a new bullish news been prepared to minimize the impact of these sales? We will learn the answers to all these questions towards the end of the month.

Disclaimer: The information in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware of the high volatility and associated risks of cryptocurrencies and should conduct their own research before making any transactions.