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Analyst Reveals 5 Altcoins to Watch Closely This Week and Why

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 01 October 2023 22:20, UTC

Popular cryptocurrency analysis account The DeFi Investor shared his analysis of the altcoins he will follow this week and why he will follow them.

Here is the analyst's list:

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmoverse, the largest conference for Cosmos, starts on October 2. Important news about the Cosmos ecosystem is expected to be announced during this event.

Radiant (RDNT)

The Radiant Capital mainnet will launch on Ethereum on October 3.


Approximately $16.6 million worth of SUI will be unlocked on October 3. This represents approximately 4% of circulating supply and can impact market dynamics.

SBF Case

The trial for SBF begins on October 3. The outcome of this hearing could have significant implications for the crypto market.

Arbitrum Ecosystem Tokens

With the approval of the $50 million ARB ecosystem incentive program, many Arbitrum tokens started pumping. Network activity also increased by 50% last week.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink's highly anticipated Smartcon conference starts on October 2. Important announcements regarding Chainlink are expected to be made next week.


Considering that dYdX V4 is based on the Cosmos chain, there is speculation that the team may announce the dYdX V4 launch date during Cosmosverse on October 2-3.

*This is not investment advice.