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Analyst: BlackRock BTC ETF May Pave the Way for Ethereum ETH

source-logo  coinedition.com 26 June 2023 11:31, UTC

Crypto influencer Pentoshi set the crypto community abuzz with a tweet suggesting that if investors are excited about the potential BlackRock Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), they should also anticipate an Ethereum ETF.

Pentoshi’s tweet highlighted the appeal of yield to the elderly demographic while proposing the idea of an Ethereum ETF that incorporates staking, where custodians take a share of the rewards, offering a win-win scenario for investors.

If you love the idea of the Blackrock $BTC etf, you'll love the $ETH ones

There is nothing more in this world that the elderly love than yield. Look it up.

Imagine Eth being offered + staking where custodians take some off the top. Win win. It's coming in the next FEW years

— Pentoshi 🐧 euroPeng 🇪🇺 (@Pentosh1) June 25, 2023

Pentoshi also mentioned the likelihood of this ETF becoming a reality within the next few years. In response, renowned analyst Adam Cochran joined the conversation, playfully expressing his disagreement with being referred to as old while acknowledging the validity of Pentoshi’s statement.

However, the ensuing Twitter thread showcased diverse perspectives from various crypto enthusiasts. One user criticized the idea of BlackRock offering paper Bitcoin, emphasizing the importance of self-custody in the crypto ecosystem. The commenter emphasized that control over one’s private keys ensures ownership of cryptocurrencies.

Concerns about BlackRock’s potential control over Ethereum were raised by another user, suggesting that an ETH ETF could grant the asset management giant significant influence over the Ethereum network.

While existing ETH holders could benefit financially, the commenter raised the question of the chain becoming a central bank digital currency (CBDC) under such circumstances. However, another user believed that Ethereum, with its unique parameters, has the potential to deliver a better return on investment compared to Bitcoin over the next few years.

Nonetheless, as Coin Edition recently reported, crypto experts have remained bullish about BlackRock’s interest in the crypto industry. Some have argued that even a 0.3% of BlackRock’s $10 trillion will be enough to buy every Bitcoin on exchanges, fueling a bullish sentiment.