KABN and XTM form partnership to launch prepaid cryptocurrency card

www.cryptoninjas.net 2019-08-13 10:10
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KABN Systems North America Inc., a fintech solutions company, specializing in next-generation, patent-pending, transportable online identity verification as well as financial and loyalty related services, announced today it has entered into an initial agreement to partner with XTM Inc., a Toronto based fintech company and global card issuer, payment specialist, and marketing solutions company.

The partnership will see the launch of the Pegasus Flyte Prepaid Card to the Canadian market, allowing consumers to spend traditional and digital currencies at both brick and mortar and online merchants as easily as cash.

KABN Network

KABN provides state of the art, Always On identity verification and validation services at no charge to consumers, allowing them to prove their identity continuously without the hassle of verifying time and time again to a growing list of online service providers, programs and Exchanges. In turn, validated users are qualified, subject to permissions and necessary approvals, for unique and customized financial services, major merchant loyalty and incentive programs and other value-based opportunities.

For merchants, service providers, exchanges, digital banks and other online programs, KABN provides its proprietary KYC (know your customer), KYB (know your business) and AML (anti-money laundering) services through its fully compliant GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) platform, via a proprietary value-based proposition, subsidizing the traditional costs of onboarding users.

“We are very excited to be rolling out our Pegasus Flyte card program in North America. We looked for a partner who not only could get us to market quickly but who could also do it effectively, and efficiently without missing a step. XTM is that partner for KABN.”
– Ben Kessler, Global CEO KABN

Pegasus Flyte Prepaid Card

Powered through the XTM Payment Platform, the Pegasus Flyte Prepaid Card program, expected to launch in Q4 2019, will enable Canadians to spend traditional fiat and digital currencies from approved financial institutions, Exchanges, wallets and loyalty programs anywhere that current prepaid services are accepted. Cardholders will have a mobile app and a host of value-based services available to them similar to traditional banking programs.

“XTM is thrilled to have been selected to support KABN. This company is an innovator and disrupter in the Fintech space, exactly our target-partner. With our robust platform features we plan to propel KABN’s Pegasus Flyte program to new heights in prepaid.”
– Marilyn Schaffer, XTM CEO

Pegasus Flyte cardholders will automatically be entitled to participate in KABN KASH, a customized consumer experience where users can save money every time they shop at key merchants.