Ethereum 2.0 has already met the deposit limit and will be launched on time

ccnews24.net 2020-11-24 19:21
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One of the most anticipated events in the crypto world will meet the estimated time and ETH 2 will be launched next week.

Just two weeks ago, we informed you that ETH 2.0 registers 50,000 ETH’s in its deposit agreement, and today we are already witnessing that the required limit of 524,288 ETH’s has been reached.

As you probably know, the launch of the ETH 2.0 network was set for December 1, but there were several factors that had to be met. One of them and the main one was the condition that there must be at least 16384 32-ETH validator deposits 7 days prior to December 1st.

As you can see in the photo published by Alex Svanevik, the network has deposited 608,704 ETH’s to date, and reached the limit with considerable reserve.

Ethereum 2.0, which will be launched next week, is a completely different and new Blockchain Proof of Stake that will lock these embedded ETH for at least two years.

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