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Polygon Partners with Game Producer Xaya to Make Games on Ethereum-Compatible Sidechain

u.today 09 June 2021 11:00, UTC
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According to a press release shared with U.Today, Autonomous Worlds, the company behind Xaya, has made a strategic partnership with Polygon (formerly known as Matic).

Thanks to this partnership, Xaya blockchain will be integrated into the sidechain of Polygon compatible with Ethereum.

Xaya-based DLT games on Polygon

Xaya is a blockchain-agnostic platform that utilizes L2 networks and offers a scalable environment to creators of DLT-based games. Xaya uses native token CHI, which is being used on Polygon as Wrapped CHI.

As part of the partnership, Autonomous Worlds will be creating games for Polygon comparable to such top-notch DLT games as Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite.

Games created with Xaya's Game Channels tech (a technology similar to state channels optimized for computer games), the real-time games come with full blockchain support for instant settlement and an unlimited number of transactions.

Scalability is one of Xaya's USPs. Besides, this platform is designed to host fully decentralized games and whole metaverses.

The Xaya team is known for creating the first-ever blockchain-based game, Huntercoin, back in 2013.

In June of last year, the company was picked to join Ubisoft's Entrepreneurs Lab.

Ethereum loses gamers over immensely high fees

Due to high fees, game makers and players have been dumping Ethereum for other blockchains that are building DLT-based games. A few years ago, U.Today reported that games migrated from Ethereum to Tron, in particular.

Therefore, the partnership between Xaya and Polygon gives the blockchain gaming industry a chance to improve scalability and widely expand its reach.

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