Enjin Partners with SwissBorg, 8 Other Development Teams to Usher in the Blockchain Cross-Gaming Era

btcmanager.com 2020-07-31 01:20
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Gaming is a multi-billion industry, and Enjin sits right in the middle. As a facilitator, players can discover pioneering games created by talented designers and forward-thinking companies across the globe.

Enjin provides a decentralized platform where immersive blockchain-powered games can be built. In their collaborative spirit, Enjin has today (July 29, 2020) announced a partnership with SwissBorg and eight other development teams.

The deal also sees ENJ added to the SwissBorg Wealth App. As such, it will be available in 17 fiat gateways accessible in over 100 countries.

Enjin is Streamlining Blockchain Gaming

Computing has given creators and players god-like powers. It has opened possibilities forever changing gaming. The experience is now so tangible. Events are so pristine. Characters so real they are indistinguishable from the real world.

Perhaps embolden with technological improvements once again re-affirming inalienable rights of ownership and freedom, Enjin is a platform representing growth. They have game developer tools for gaming developers to forge games with advanced design, smart growth, and better monetization.

Users can access extensive documentation, create precise queries through Enjin’s comprehensive APIs, and benefit from robust SDKs to hasten gaming development. Through Unity, for example, gamers can build next-gen games without writing a single line of blockchain code.

Overly, Enjin has adopted a holistic approach to blockchain gaming. Notably, they have assimilated digital tokens as part of their engagement, retention, and monetization strategies.

By partnering with SwissBorg, gamers can now own properties in the virtual world while creatives are fully in charge of building magic. 

Enjin and the Main Multiverse Quest: The Beginning

Enjin is a technological spear that builds on what gamers treasure the most. 

A preferred blockchain gaming platform, Enjin’s solutions meticulously rid corrupt structures; obstacles preventing the creation and purposeful exploration of what gaming has to fully offer.

By making gaming real, Enjin rolled out a gaming multi-verse in 2018. A drastic improvement from the initial game played with pebbles and dirt. 

The launch of the Main Multi-Verse Quest nonetheless unshackled creativity and sparked an unquenchable quest that spans through an array of games. 

Enjin now has Cyborg’s Quest.

Cyborg’s Quest: Roping SwissBorg and Eight Development Teams

Cyborg’s Quest is a multiverse game that Enjin isn’t rushing into launching. 

It emulates the Ready Player One’s cross-game storyline, a game based on Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece. Searching for life-changing fortune, one day, a successful player will eventually find the first ERC-1155 token ever created as the gamer wanders in the Main Multiverse Quest. 

The Monolith is a prized digital creation infused with 1,155,777 ENJ or $200,000 at spot rates. Special, it is the ultimate reward for the “spiritual event” of finishing the Main Multiverse Quest.

The quest’s objective is simple as gleaned from the update: create a decentralized, real-life interpretation of Ready Player One’s cross-game voyage sealed with a prize pool of $50,000 worth of ENJ.

And this was necessary because of Ethereum’s scaling troubles. Moreover, being a new concept, thorough testing was required, forcing creators to experiment with small teams to draw valuable insights.

Cyborg’s Quest players will journey through eight blockchain games split into two chapters. The first phase will begin from August 3 to August 8 where all Cyborg pieces will be stored in Enjin wallets. 

(Source: Enjin)

Interestingly, all these games will be playable on different devices and channels. Thereafter, the second phase will begin from August 9 until August 15. At this stage, the primary goal will be to retrieve a decryption device from the Lost Relics. 

All prizes will be in ERC-1155 assets, tradable in the Enjin marketplace. Of note, all prize winners will receive a SwissBorg Premium Account token each valued at approximately $6,000. Besides, the first 100 players to complete the Quest will receive $10 in frozen ENJ.

Early this month, BTCManager also reported Enjin Coin (ENJ) addition to Aave’s DeFi Protocol. This brings DeFi to the $153.9 billion gaming market.