Crypto Community Puts Bitcoin (BTC) in "409K" After Trump's Tweet

u.today 2020-01-11 19:00
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Members of the cryptocurrency community are now putting their Bitcoin (BTC) into their non-existent 409Ks accounts. In such a way, they are obviously mocking a hilarious typo in Donald Trump's latest tweet. 

Sold all my $BTC and put it in a 409k

— ⛏Crypto Chris Walken🥃 (@cryptochrisw) January 9, 2020

After successfully de-escalating the military confrontation, Trump has fired off new tweets about the ongoing impeachment trial. He also couldn't afford to lose an opportunity to brag about fresh stock market gains. On Wednesday, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 reached new record highs on the news about the US backing away from a potential war with Iran.

However, instead of mentioning 401(k) plans (the retirement savings of American citizens), he typed "409K's" in his now-deleted tweet.    

"STOCK MARKET AT ALL-TIME HIGH! HOW ARE YOUR 409K’S DOING? 70%, 80%, 90% up? Only 50% up! What are you doing wrong?"  

Twitter exploded after this early-morning mistake with users posting both jokes and high-brown theories.     

Hey...if a typo from the President brings more awareness to retirement savings vehicles...I'm all for it...#409k

— Dominic Chu (@TheDomino) January 9, 2020

Bitcoiner Udi Wertheimer even went as far as buying all 409k domains. 

Meanwhile, Crypto.com'sCEO Kris Marszalek suggested that this could be the new Bitcoin price target. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. New Bitcoin target price: 409k 🚀

— Kris | Crypto.com (@Kris_HK) January 9, 2020