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4 Bitcoin Desktop Wallets You Shouldn’t Miss In 2021

coinpedia.org 23 August 2021 12:56, UTC
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Both novice and advanced users are always looking for the best bitcoin wallets on the market. Unfortunately, it can be rather tricky to find the right one with dozens of options to choose from.

Below are some ideas for those who remain on the fence about which Bitcoin wallet to use. 


While many people think of Exodus as a desktop-only Bitcoin wallet, it also has a mobile companion app.

Users can send and receive Bitcoin and over 100 cryptocurrencies through Exodus, compatible with desktop, mobile, and hardware crypto wallets. The native interface is a lot more user-friendly than other solutions.

The color-coordinated elements are undoubtedly intriguing and will provide a viable overview of one’s crypto portfolio.

What makes Exodus remarkable among desktop wallets is how it has support for native applications.

Additionally, it has a built-in exchange, live chats, and portfolio management tools, and opportunities to earn crypto rewards.

As a result, it is an all-in-one solution for novice and advanced users, regardless of which device they want to use for these purposes. 


Most people may not be familiar with the name Atani, certainly not among Bitcoin desktop wallets. However, this non-custodial desktop wallet is gaining traction quickly.

Similar to others, it provides a built-in trading platform. That said, Atani’s trading platform isn’t cloud-based due to security reasons.

A cloud-based solution will expose API keys, which is information one doesn’t necessarily want to have out in the open. 

Atani’s desktop trading app ensures the team’s servers cannot access API keys or user funds.

So even if the service provider were to get hacked or attacked, there is no way for culprits to access user funds or perform malicious trades.

It is a viable solution for users who want to explore the Bitcoin space. Moreover, Atani has other tools – including investing and portfolio management or filing taxes – for users to check out. 


As one of the older desktop Bitcoin wallets on the market, Electrum provides a sleek interface for all users.

It has no unnecessary bells and whistles to deter novice users, although advanced users may find it somewhat lacking in that department.

For newcomers, Electrum is a viable option that is accessible on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

One of the downsides of Electrum is how it is not the sleekest looking desktop Bitcoin wallet out there. One can argue it is one of the worst interfaces visually.

For novice users, it can be easy to get lost in the menus, as the interface is not necessarily too user-friendly. However, after spending some time with Electrum, it is a secure and effective solution for novice and advanced users alike. 


One of the stables among desktop Bitcoin wallets is Armory. It is a respected brand that focuses primarily on Bitcoin security, although that also makes it non-novice friendly, for the most part.

The wallet is designed to emphasize security and safety thanks to multiple cold storage and encryption tools at one’s disposal. 

Interface-wise, it is still an easy-to-navigate desktop Bitcoin wallet. However, novice users will not be interested in most of its functions, as they have other solutions to check out.

On the other hand, Armory is an option worth considering for advanced users who take security very seriously. The wallet is suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and the Raspberry Pi. 

Closing Thoughts

Many desktop Bitcoin wallets offer something unique. Whether one is an advanced or novice user, it is essential to try the many options and see what suits the individual needs.

Some users prefer a lot of extra functionality, whereas others want simplicity. 

Moreover, it is crucial to determine if you want the same experience across multiple device types.

Security is paramount in the cryptocurrency industry, and it should never trump anything else.

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