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What Blockchain is Doing in Mobile App Development?


For some years, using cutting-edge innovative technologies has become the primary way to outperform and outpace the app world's competition. We must consider the increasing popularity of blockchain and its impact on app development with a particular emphasis particularly. In more than one way, blockchain is all set to transform the mobile app development industry in a never-before manner.

Blockchain technology in the mobile app development scene is not just used as a mobile wallet technology facilitating cryptocurrency payments and transactions. Blockchain also revolutionised store and data management and data transparency and security. Let us have a quick look at the key ways.

Enhancing data security

One of the principal concerns that the vast majority of mobile apps need to deal with is data security. Data theft, data breaches and unwanted data leaks continue to happen worldwide, representing a significant threat perception for mobile apps.

Apps developed by using the blockchain can disintegrate data storage into many blocks and thus ensure more data privacy and security. Apart from decentralising the storage, the stringent encryption technique of Blockchain also protects data with powerful encoding.

On top of all these, the time stamp attached with every transaction, data transfer and data usage makes it impossible to tamper with data. Any efforts corresponding to data are separately registered with a timestamp. At the same time, no information is allowed to delete or remove or change.

Optimum data transparency

Blockchain comes with a completely decentralised public ledger that allows anyone to track any piece of data whenever they want. This ensures optimum data transparency and ease of evaluating data anytime by anyone.

This transparency also helps to make the entire system tamper-proof while making the system fully scalable. Thanks to the openness and corresponding scalability of data, blockchain allows faster scaling of information in numbers.

Easier implementation

As far as implementing blockchain for apps is concerned, there is exceptional ease and fluidity. Thanks to the ease of implementation, any mobile app project can incorporate blockchain and makes the development more accessible and flexible.

Thanks to the ease of development, more mobile apps can utilise blockchain as a strategic solution to enhance data security, optimise transparency and allow easy data handling.

Optimum security with mobile payment

Thanks to a highly reliable and fully decentralised network, blockchain in the context of mobile apps offers the advantage of making lightning-fast, secure, and fully secure transactions through mobile payments. The mechanism of functioning of blockchain wallets shows how mobile wallet apps' decentralised data sync data across different levels for a faster and secure transaction.

App developers are increasingly leveraging the power of blockchain-based peer-to-peer mobile payment solutions to allow their carry out transactions with complete proof protection while getting optimum flexibility and ease.

On top of all these, thanks to the complete decentralisation of data across hundreds of thousands of nodes or mobile devices, the performance glitches or crashing of the app can be avoided entirely. As thousands of nodes cannot crash simultaneously, the app's possible outage or downtime can be avoided entirely.

Full safeguards to app infrastructure

Blockchain allows developers to keep all the DNS entries on a completely decentralised and full proof platform. The chances of data infiltration or hacking can be decimated to nothing. A completely transparent and distributed DNS of blockchain further ensures excellent control over the domain records that cannot be tweaked without permission.

Using a Keyless Security Infrastructure (KSI) Blockchain database also allows storing the data protected with a cryptographic hash that can be verified by using a hashtag algorithm to detect data manipulation or the availability of the primary hash object.

Replacing obsolete password security

When password-based security is still common across mobile apps to authenticate user credentials, thanks to blockchain technology, password-based authentication can be avoided entirely while not compromising data privacy and security to the least. Blockchain allows the app makers to come with a robust and more powerful mechanism for user validation without involving password.

On the other hand, blockchain-powered authentication solutions can be incorporated easily into modern mobile apps and their legacy identity verification systems known for robust digital signatures protected with public-key cryptography. Now blockchain allows using a separate private key for authenticating and unlocking various digital assets with extreme ease.

Easier tracking of products

Any mobile app used by business brands needs to track their goods in the supply chain. This is where blockchain-based data storage can offer great help. By using a blockchain technology app, developers can keep records of all data to help easy tracking of information in actual time. For apps dealing with inventory or asset data, this can be of enormous significance.

In the case of a mobile app developed for supply chain management, blockchain can be utilised to track the product journey and precise location and time and stages required for the product supply. Simultaneously, app users can easily track their orders and detect the desired product and various corresponding information.


From the app developers to the leading enterprises to the most reputed mobile app development companies, they now understand the vast potential and promise of blockchain technology as the developers' decentralised database solution. Just with the continuous growth of mobile transactions, the increasing popularity of blockchain apps looks quite sure.

About the Author

Vincent Martinot is the managing director of EurecaApps an acclaimed mobile app development company. He holds years of experience in the IT domain helping many enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs in building robust, scalable and secure mobile apps at a cost-effective rate. Apart from his professional life, he is a keen reader and writer who loves to write about app development technologies, frameworks, tools etc.

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